Integrate with 5000+ apps



With Content Snare's Zapier integration, you can build all kinds of automated workflows to automate your content or document collection.

When a new client signs up, you could automatically send them a content request. When they fill out an item, automatically send it to your CRM or file storage.

Zapier connects 5000+ apps so the possibilities are almost endless. To learn how to use Zapier in your business, check out our founder's course, Zapier Mastery.

Check out the Zapier integration here.


With Content Snare's webhooks you can integrate with any service that supports webhooks.

This includes Zapier, Integromat, Microsoft Power Automate, and many more.

Read more about the available webhooks here.

Online Storage

Automatically sync your files and documents with popular online storage platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and Sharepoint.

Optimally export completed requests to your chosen integration as PDF, DocX, CSV and more.

Read more about the available storage integrations here.

Xero Practice Manager

Premium Integration. Import your clients from Xero Practice Manager (XPM). Connect XPM and you'll be ready to send requests to your existing clients in seconds.


Premium Integration. Import your clients from FYI and automatically upload client files to a specific cabinet.