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One place for client content, documents and onboarding

No one likes constantly chasing clients, deciphering manuscript-length email chains, and tracking down lost attachments. 

Content Snare helps you gather information from clients faster than you thought possible. Your team reclaims hours of their life, and your clients love you for making things easy. 

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Curious what your clients would see? 

Use the button below to send yourself a request, just like one that you would send to your client.

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Request Builder

Collect any information from anyone

Use the drag and drop request builder to create a request.

Choose what kind of info you need by asking for files, images or text.

Group items into logical sections to simplify the process for you and your clients.

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Single Source of Truth

Everything in one place

Collecting content with a hacked-together system of email, documents and shared folders turns into chaos. 

Content Snare keeps everyone on the same page. At a glance, you’ll know what has been provided, what is outstanding and which version of every document is the latest.

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Total Simplicity

Make it easy for your clients

The platform is designed to make YOUR clients’ lives easier. If they love interacting with Content Snare, you’ll get what you need faster. 

Simplicity is achieved through a clear hierarchy, easy navigation and instructions to assist them in getting it right the first time. They don’t even need to log in. 

Everything is saved on the fly, so if they need to come back later they won’t lose anything. 

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Automatic Reminders

Forget the constant nagging

Hassling people to send info can be awkward. But without reminders, you’ll never get what you need. 

Keep your requests top of mind with automatic reminders. The built-in email templates get you started quickly, or you can define your own emails & schedules. Gently nudge people while keeping relationships intact.

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Answer questions without email

Allow clients to ask questions when they get stuck. Provide direction right there next to the section they are struggling with, without the need to start another email thread for every question.

This helps you create a much better experience for your clients and identify questions that your clients struggle with, so you can improve your process in the future.

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Protect your clients' data

Content Snare implements multiple layers of data protection, including encryption when data is moves and stored.

Network security controls access, including firewalls, intrusion protection and network segregation.

Multi-factor authentication keeps your account secure. 

Learn how we keep data secure here.

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Content Snare removes chasing content and documents from your to-do list, freeing up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.

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Approval Process

Keep change requests out of email

Reduce your email workload even more by approving items or requesting changes right inside the platform.

Include a comment when you request changes so your client knows what needs to be done. That’s another couple of emails saved.

Approved items are locked in to prevent unexpected modifications.

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Request Templates

Save time by reusing your work

Every request you send makes your job easier next time.

Save any component for future reuse - sections, pages or entire requests.

The next time you send a request, restore the template and send it off with a few clicks. Then sit back as the info rolls in.



Send your content anywhere

Automatically send files to popular cloud storage options, or use Content Snare's Zapier integration to send your content to any system that integrates with Zapier. 

You can also trigger automatic content requests from external systems. e.g. Send a content request after a client fills out a contact form. With Zapier, there are 1000s of possibilities for automation.



Get data out in one neat package

Download each request as a single package with all your clients' answers and files.

Files can be automatically renamed and sorted into folders based on where they were uploaded. Answers can be exported to MS Word, PDF, CSV and more.

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Input Limits

Create some boundaries

When your clients get it right the first time, messy email trails become a thing of the past.

Set up boundaries like text length, image size and content formatting to make your requirements super clear. Nobody likes playing email tag just to get the final few items right.


Team Members

Get your team involved

Invite your team members to approve content, create requests & templates and monitor due dates.

Team members are different than clients in that they can create & edit requests.

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Ready for multiple languages, timezones and locales

If you're working with non-English speaking clients, Content Snare is available in English, German, Spanish and French.

You have individual control of locale for each team member and client. This includes timezone, date format and default phone country code.

Kanban View

Create your own custom workflows

Create your own workflows so that you always know what stage each project is in.

If your content goes through different levels of approval, create columns for each stage. Then simply move requests through as they are approved.

You can create whatever columns you like. These could represent stages in a workflow, or even just groups of requests. Then you can see them all on one page in the Kanban view.

Jarrod Robinson,
The App Match

"Since moving to Content Snare, we’ve got this completely seamless process and clients comment about how easy it was for them to get the information to us"

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