Simple Client Experience

As easy as it gets for your clients

The frictionless client experience helps you get what you need faster. Your clients will appreciate you for making things easier for them.
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content snare client experience
No strings, catches or credit card required. 
Just enjoy a lot less stress.
content snare client experience

Client view

Simple and intuitive

Your client’s experience is what makes Content Snare different. Tried and tested across tens of thousands of requests, it’s as easy as it gets for your client. It encourages focus on one item at a time, and works like a simple checklist for them to work through. This dramatically reduces turnaround time. 


One-click access

No account required

We all know how bad clients can be at remembering passwords. Content Snare sends unguessable links to your clients, giving them immediate access. If you want to be extra careful, you can set a PIN code or ask your client to create a password.


Nothing gets lost

Anything your client types in or uploads is saved immediately. If they close the window or get called away, everything is still there when they come back. You’ll get what you need faster when clients know they can start immediately even if they don’t have all the answers yet. 



Match your style

Add your logo and brand colors to create a seamless experience for your clients. This creates a professional experience and puts your client’s mind at ease.


Works on any device

Clients can complete your requests on desktop, laptop or mobile. On devices with a camera they can take photos to upload directly to Content Snare.


Vander Guerrero,

"We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients."

Take the stress out of gathering client info
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Content Snare removes chasing content and documents from your to-do list, freeing up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.
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