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How a virtual summit host creates an easy and accessible content collection process for her 20+ speakers

Online summit host Krista Miller didn’t know how to approach collecting content from such a large number of people for her summits. She then came across Content Snare and never looked back. 

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Summit In A Box provides training and resources to help people strategize, plan, and launch their first profitable online summits. Their signature program has aided many experienced business owners in hosting summits capable of skyrocketing their email lists, revenue, and expert statuses without waiting years for slow-growth strategies to take off.

We spoke with Krista Miller, Founder and Owner, to find out more about why she chose to implement Content Snare for her summits and how doing that helped collecting content from multiple speakers become a much less burdensome task. 

The initial scare

As expected, going into her first summit, Krista had a lot of different elements to plan and perfect in order to achieve the successful and profitable result she desired. This meant deciding how she was going to go about collecting the same set of information from a list of 20 different speakers in an easy way, which seemed like a daunting task. 

“I have a background in working with clients and I know how tough it is and how annoying it is to have to get content from even ONE person, let alone twenty.”

The time involved in collecting content from one person, if using the wrong method, can add up to several hours when the initial effort and follow ups are added together. Doing that 20 times over is an almost impossible task without the right tool. 

“I really wanted a way to make that a lot easier on myself, my team and my speakers.”

At this point, Krista decided to experiment and see what she could come up with in order to streamline that process.

Trying everything 

“My first idea was just to outsource it to a team member, then it’s not my problem and I don’t have to worry about it - it’s just done.”

However, Krista realised that this was not solving her problem but, instead, merely shifting it onto somebody else within her team, leaving them with the same frustration to deal with. 

“We then looked into some other options, like collecting it all via email. But sorting through email threads is just such a waste of time for everybody.”

Content is so easily lost in ridiculous amounts of email threads that even attempting this option just isn’t worth it. A majority of businesses now using Content Snare describe their previous efforts to collect the information they needed by email as impractical - scouring through for pieces of information and attachments makes for a disorganised and lengthy process.

 “I also looked at Google Forms and, honestly, I just don’t really like the way those look. I wanted something a little bit prettier.”

In addition to this, using Google Forms adds an element of restriction to the process (e.g: manual follow-ups are necessary, etc), ruining the experience for everybody. 

In an ideal world, Krista was searching for something straight-forward, structured and aesthetically pleasing, which is when she came across Content Snare.

A seamless set-up 

“When I first found Content Snare, I was actually kind of skeptical. Can it really make this pretty painful process easy? Will that actually work? If this tool can actually do what they’re telling me it can then HECK YES.”

Although the promise to alleviate those pain points when it comes to content collection may sound too good to be true, we can assure that it’s not. Krista soon found that out upon trying Content Snare for herself.

 “Once I got in, it was so easy to set up. They have really easy step-by-step tutorials to get you started, they have templates to make sure you can get started easily, built in email scripts that you can use and tweak so all of that was so easy.”

At Content Snare, we understand the importance of saving time and being able to use every second of your day in a productive manner. That’s why we’ve optimised our onboarding process to ensure you can get set up as quickly as possible. With pretty much everything done for you from the get-go and an ever-growing collection of built in templates, getting started couldn’t be easier. 

“It worked perfectly and, honestly, I couldn’t imagine having to run a summit now without Content Snare because it just makes it all so much easier.”

As is the case for a majority of our customers, Krista simply doesn’t see herself being able to continue running summits without Content Snare and has reaped the benefits from the accessible client UI, the simple set-up and, in particular, the automated reminders.

“Before my due date for all of my speakers, I had a task in my calendar that reminded me to follow up on my speakers. So I went and found that I had a whole bunch of stuff already from them because Content Snare took care of the follow-ups for me. That’s when the heavens opened up and I realised how incredible this tool was.”

If, like Krista, you’re looking for the perfect solution to your content collection headaches, look no further than Content Snare, as it’ll revolutionise your current process and make everything that bit easier.

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Having 20 or more speakers to collect content from seemed like a daunting prospect, especially considering that, based on Krista’s prior experience, collecting content from even one can prove to be difficult.


An easy and enjoyable way of collecting content for all parties, without having to sort through email threads and constantly nag the speakers manually.




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