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How this auditing firm reduced the stress levels of staff and customers

After struggling with customer complaints and stressed customer service offers, JPS finally found a solution to all of their content worries.

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JPS is a Conformity Assessment Body dedicated to providing an audit service to NDIS Providers. They have experienced auditors in both the disability and aged care sectors, along with specialist therapists and registered nurses to participate in audits for high-risk NDIS providers.

We spoke with Tony, General Manager, to learn more about the problems JPS were facing and the role Content Snare has played in improving the situation.

Confusion and complaints

We were collecting information in a number of different ways, predominantly through email and on Google Drive. We were also trialling Dropbox. 

It can be incredibly difficult to decide what approach to take when it comes to collecting content and information from clients, so sometimes you may have to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince.

Email, Google Drive and Dropbox are all commonly tried and tested methods but, as expected, most people realise fairly quickly how restricting some of the limitations can be. Just a few major ones of these include:

  • No system for approving or rejecting files (this would have to be done manually through email communication, causing more unnecessary threads)
  • No automatic reminders and follow-ups (yes, you guessed it: this means more manual work and email communication)
  • No specific input fields (using Dropbox, your client can upload only files, which is pretty restricting when you just want a tagline. With the others, they can upload and attach anything at all, posing the exact opposite problem.)

All-in-all, the limitations of all three methods lead to nothing but delays, confusion and utter chaos.

Those two solutions were not working out for the customer because at no stage were they clearly aware of what documentation had been uploaded. Neither were our customer service officers.

You know something’s not right when no-one knows what’s going on. 

With Content Snare, everything is clearly laid out and visible for both you and the client, so everyone’s in the loop and knows what information has been provided and what’s left to give. 

The smart colour-coding system and increasing progress bar allows you to monitor both the status of each question and the overall progress of the request. You’ll know exactly how far along you are in the process every step of the way.

It was impinging on our customers’ expectations and it was prolonging the time it took to get the customer ready for the audit. 

When things drag and take longer than expected, this can be highly frustrating for both you and the customer.

We started looking for a solution due to customer complaints. 

It looks like Content Snare was the answer to Tony’s prayers!

Lessening the burden 

Our customer service officers are not nearly as stressed as they were before when we had a clunky system.

Stress is never nice, especially when it can be avoided. 

The pressure of having to remember where everything is, who has provided what, which piece of information is which and when to follow up with each client can be incredibly overwhelming for a customer service officer.

Being able to simply log in and, upon first glance, monitor the progress of each request is one of the best parts about Content Snare. Everything is there, right in front of you, allowing you to relax and take a calmer approach to content management.

From our previous email system, we’re reducing a good 30% of time.

That’s 30% more time that can now be put towards increasing productivity and taking more customers through the auditing process, growing the business and the revenue.

It’s been excellent. It allows us to get more customers through the door which obviously helps our bottom line.

Anything we can do to help, Tony!

A solution for everyone 

My favourite thing about Content Snare is that I can use it. I’m a dinosaur with technology and haven’t been in the technology field for 20 years but I can use it!

Content Snare was designed with everybody in mind. 

When coming up with the UI, ease-of-use was the primary focus, making the platform accessible to everybody and their grandma. 

Whether you’re into tech or you haven’t touched a computer in a decade, it doesn’t matter. You’ll be able to use and master Content Snare in a short space of time.

I would recommend Content Snare to other organisations. All industries need to know where their data and documentation is. 

If, like JPS, you're looking to regain control of your content collection process and your time, look no further than Content Snare. 

The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organized bliss? 

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JPS Audit Specialists


JPS Audit Specialists is a boutique audit body, supporting NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) providers to meet the NDIS Practice Standards.


Both JPS customers and customer service officers alike were left feeling stressed and unhappy by how lengthy and unclear their previous content collection method was.


A seamless content collection platform allowing all parties to view and understand exactly what they’ve given and what content is still left to provide.




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The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organized bliss?

Give Content Snare a try today with your free trial.

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