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How ByteNoize put an end to their content collection woes and finally began receiving information on time

After discovering Content Snare, ByteNoize noticed that they were saving a whopping 5 to 10 hours each week, making for a much smoother and faster process from start to finish.

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ByteNoize Digital Marketing is a one stop shop agency that provides solutions to everyday marketing problems. They help with website design, development, social media and SEO campaigns, along with offering additional creative services. 

We spoke with Daniel Tullberg, Co-Founder, to learn about his struggles before transitioning to Content Snare and the impact making the switch had on his business and productivity.

Cluttered Content

“The problem that I had is that I never received content on time from clients.”

When beginning a new project for a client, no matter how quickly you’re able to get the ball rolling, you’ll always be held up at the content collection stage. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to move forward until the client provides you with what you need. These kinds of delays can completely bring a project to a standstill, causing exasperation for both parties.

“If I did get the content, it was spread out over weeks and disorganised throughout email and Google Drive.”

For Daniel, once he finally received the content he’d been waiting for, it was sent to him in dribs and drabs and in multiple different locations. That added even more time to a process that had already held up the project for long enough. 

“It became very frustrating to try to piece together all of the content and stay on task with clients. It cost me a lot of time and mental energy.”

Content collection can impact more than just time. Having to tease information out of several clients at once takes a toll on stress levels too. After experiencing these issues first hand, Daniel set out to find a solution and came across Content Snare.

A Savior For Communication

“I had to keep going back to clients to try to contact them through emails, phone calls, text messages, etc. Switching to Content Snare meant that I now save myself a good amount of hours per week just with, because of the automation and reminders.”

Upon signing up, Daniel and his team were immediately able to address one of their biggest pain points: client follow-ups. Reaching out via every medium possible is very time consuming and can be badly perceived by clients, which is why Content Snare’s automated reminders are the perfect way to follow up. With a range of email templates and a reminder schedule already at your disposal, all that’s left to do is sit back and wait for the content to roll in. 

“I tried Google Drive - the clients had issues using it and figuring out what to do. I actually ended up switching to Content Snare because of that too.”

The simplistic, straight-forward nature of the client UI eliminates the need for clients to contact you simply because they are confused. Even individuals with a very limited knowledge of tech find Content Snare to be fun, easy and intuitive, as opposed to other content collection methods that often evoke stress and frustration for them. 

“The moment I received emails notifying me that my clients had filled out the fields I had without me having to ask them was the perfect moment.”

Being able to adopt a more hands-off stance towards content collection but receive information much faster truly is the best of both worlds.

What are you waiting for?

“If you want to save time and energy, I would definitely recommend the trial.  It saved me about 5 to 10 hours per week.”

As soon as Daniel got started with his free trial, there was no looking back. The results spoke for themselves. Him and his team have since been able to put those 10 wasted hours each week towards the things that really matter and, from today, so can you.

“Their customer support is amazing. Out of all of the software companies I’ve ever used, they have the most hands-on approach to support. The response time is extremely quick. They put time into user feedback and testing as well.”

Whether you’re just starting out or have been using Content Snare for years, ensuring that you’re always feeling comfortable and confident with everything is our number one priority. We’d be more than delighted to accompany you every step of the way on your journey to content collection perfection.



ByteNoize is a digital marketing agency helping small businesses grow their client lists and profits in a non-complicated way.


Content was often delivered very late and, when received, was highly disorganised and scattered across multiple, lengthy email trails.


A more orderly manner of collecting content, along with automated reminders, allowing for a relaxed approach to follow-ups as opposed to frantic phone calls, emails and text messages.




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