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How SJ Meeson saves stacks of time and stacks of money with Content Snare

The Automation Girl swapped out her messy information collection system for Content Snare and reaped the benefits of a clean, easy process.

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The Automation Girl helps set up Membership Websites, eCommerce, Online Courses, Email Marketing Automations, Automatic Payments and Automated Onboarding Processes for businesses. 

We spoke with Sarah-Jane (SJ), Managing Director, to learn more about what drove her to search for a solution to her content collection issues and how she knew that Content Snare could save the day.

Project mayhem

Before Content Snare, we were using the old school email method.

When it comes to collecting content, sending a simple email may end up being your first thought when, in reality, it should be your last. 

Emails have a habit of making life a lot harder as you have to go through a lot of back and forth for very few results. After taking into consideration the time it’ll take for your client to respond each time, for you to supply them with answers to any questions they may have, for you to ask them to redo something, etc, Christmas will have already come.

If you’re looking to complete projects in a timely manner then it’s much better to veer away from the emails for content collection. 

We had to do constant follow up with people just to get information from them. It was just a nightmare.

We’ve all been there. Chasing clients just to keep a project on track is one of the worst feelings.

We would sometimes attach a word document with a form containing a heap of questions. It was really ugly, it wasn’t user-friendly and it overwhelmed people.

Clients also HATE being overloaded. When they open up a document, the last thing they want to see is a stack of things for them to do. This is highly likely to put them off from even wanting to start, leading to even more delays within your process.

With Content Snare, your clients are presented with one question at a time, allowing them the space to breathe and giving them, in their eyes, a less daunting task to undertake.

We wouldn’t know what clients were up to before they sent the form back. They also sometimes sent the form back half-filled in and, two weeks later, sent the other half. 

Two halves do make a whole, but that’s no use when they’re provided two weeks apart.

We’d end up with 4 different documents to go off of for a project, which was just really really annoying.

Mismatched, messy content coming at you from all angles can be just as much of a blocking agent as no content at all.

To keep your projects running smoothly, it’s much better to be able to visualise all of your information in one space.

Easy on the eye

As soon as we watched the videos, the Content Snare system made so much sense.

With fantastic support and a whole host of videos and documentation to get you started, Content Snare will become clear to you from the get-go. 

Plus, with it being incredibly straight-forward in the first place, there’s no learning curve, allowing you to dive straight in and create your first request within minutes. 

It’s been really easy to use and really easy to create templates from requests we’ve sent out. 

With a complete and varied template library already there for you to choose from, you can use one of our creations or create your very own, custom-made and tailored to any use case you need it for.

Any request you make can be saved as a template with just the click of a button.

My lightbulb moment with Content Snare was receiving our first request back. All of the client information was just laid out so beautifully!

It’s always a cause for celebration when you get your first request back and see the difference!

Winning back time

My favourite thing about Content Snare is being able to start working on our project straight away instead of having to wait for all of the information to come back.

Content Snare allows you to witness the progress of your request evolve in real-time, keeping you in the loop and allowing you to get on with what you do best. 

No more waiting time!

It saves me stacks of time and, if it’s saving me stacks of time, it’s saving me stacks of money.

As the saying goes, time equals money. You got it SJ!

The value of that for us personally is massive.

If you want to win your time back and gain value within your business like SJ, don’t hesitate to get started with a free trial and immediately see the difference.

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Projects were dragging out and clients were providing content in dribs and drabs within new documents each time, causing unnecessary confusion.


A straight-forward content collection system allowing for fast but accurate results.




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