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How this web design agency boosted their productivity and cut down content collection delays

LightHouse Graphics began using Content Snare within their web design process and, as a result, cut their content meetings from 5 to 2 per project.

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LightHouse Graphics is a boutique and specialised digital consulting company based in Orange County, California. They specialise in design, development and marketing expertise, paired with the latest technology and outside the box thinking to produce custom solutions for their clients. 

We spoke with Kaitlin Anselmo, Head of Marketing, to find out more regarding their switch to Content Snare and the sheer impact this had on productivity and time distribution within the business.

Prolonged Projects

“When we build websites, our clients provide the content and it’s the sticking point of all of our projects”

Before Implementing Content Snare, Kaitlin and the team were finding it difficult to progress with their projects as quickly and effectively as they’d have desired.

“We’ll wait MONTHS for clients to send stuff, they won’t, they’ll lose their content document... it’s just one thing after another”

On paper, collecting content may sound like a simple process but, without the right method, it can take forever to get the content required to complete or even start a project. This is due to a number of reasons, often relating to the method of content collection being confusing or not having enough structure for the client. In these circumstances, significant delays can occur and cause annoyance for both parties.

“Our projects were dragging out way more than they needed to. A website build that should have been a 3-6 month build was turning into anywhere from 6-9 months, just because we weren’t getting what we needed from the client.”

This demonstrates to what extent content collection can hamper the progress of a project.

Frustrating Follow-ups 

As Kaitlin and her team had a hard time receiving content on time, they had no choice but to send daily follow-ups by email in an effort to retrieve what they needed from their clients. However, this proved to have more of a negative impact than anything, reducing the productivity of the web developers at LightHouse Graphics.

“Our team was using billable hours to chase clients down instead of moving onto bigger and better projects.”

This is exactly why, with Content Snare, the reminder emails are automatically sent for you. Better yet, whilst you can modify and customise both the contents of the emails and when they’re sent, we also have defaults available and ready to go immediately. This means that you can put that time you were once wasting on writing and sending follow-ups towards much more important elements of your process.

“I should be paying my web developers to do the things they’re amazing at, not to send reminder emails.” 

We couldn’t agree more.

Clarity for the Client 

After discovering Content Snare, Kaitlin and her team were sold. However, clients can sometimes be tough to please, so they were slightly unsure of what the user experience would be like on the client end before sending their first request.

“They all like it! We’ve been pretty blunt about asking them for feedback too.”

Not only do clients find Content Snare incredibly easy and accessible, but they also tend to, often for the first time, enjoy the content collection process.

“You can build out the way the website looks on Content Snare in a way you really can’t on a Google Sheet. Content Snare really allowed them to visualise it and get the right content in the right place on the first try rather than causing additional meetings for no real reward.”

When it comes to content collection, particularly on the client’s side, structure is key. That’s why dumping content into an email or a Google Sheet almost always flops and requires a lot of retries in order to get everything right. Content Snare provides that structure in the most refined and clear way possible, meaning that your clients won’t struggle to provide the correct content and the project can go ahead smoothly with all deadlines met.

“If every boss I ever have doesn’t find a way to use Content Snare, I’ll be surprised because I’ll be asking everyone to use it.”

With Content Snare, Kaitlin and her team were able to take back the time they were losing every day on content collection struggles and focus on the things that really matter. 

LightHouse Graphics


LightHouse Graphics is a company bringing Orange County Web Design and other services that are crafted and individually inspired to every small and medium size business they work with.


Due to significant content collection delays, projects were dragging out much more than they needed to, meaning that the team were having to sacrifice their precious time in order to send daily emails to clients, requesting long-overdue content.


An organised way of collecting content, allowing for a more streamlined and time-efficient web design process.




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