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This agency switched from Google Drive to keep projects on track

Huga switched their content collection system from Google Drive & Docs to Content Snare and significantly reduced project delays

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Huga are a web design and digital marketing agency in the UK. They focus on providing a warm, personal service for clients. From start to finish, the client experience is extremely important.

We spoke with project manager, Jenny Bowler to find out why they switched to Content Snare and how it has impacted their workflow. 

Like many agencies, Huga were using Google Drive to collect content. They had a great process including content checklists and carefully worded Google Docs for their clients to follow. 

However, their clients still had problems using the process and adhering to guidelines. Some didn’t have Google accounts or just weren’t technical enough to work it out. 

“They’d upload documents into the wrong folders, there would be areas missed and we would see long delays in the content phase of the project”

This is something we see a lot at Content Snare. Digital agencies have great technical knowledge so they can easily navigate their way around Google Drive or project management systems. It can come as a surprise that their clients cannot. However, there is a large portion of the population that simply aren’t technically savvy.

When clients struggle with your process, it causes resistance to following it. That causes delays.

“This would push back all deadlines for the rest of the project.”

Often it’s worse than just a delay though. When clients have multiple tools to mark things off, or are able to create a mess inside documents, it causes confusion for everyone involved. 

“Because of the delays and bits and pieces coming in at different times, it made it difficult for everyone to keep in touch with the project throughout the whole build.”

Content Snare solves this by providing one place for clients to go, makes the process simple and automatically reminds them to keep things moving. 

At first, Huga was concerned that their less-technical clients would struggle with a new system.

“But we rolled it out to our clients and they found it really easy to use. They actually found it simpler than Google Docs & Google Sheets!”

Content Snare was designed so that even the most non-technical people can navigate it and submit their content. That helps create a seamless, simple experience for clients. 

“We had a client who we had been waiting on for months. We switched it over to Content Snare and within days we were getting notifications that they were completing content”

In any content collection process, there will inevitably be items that need editing. In Content Snare, this process is also simple - for both client and agency. 

“The ability for them to submit each piece for review is very handy because we can approve it right there or reject it to let them know what needs to be improved.”

Setting up new projects

We asked Jenny about their experience with creating new projects in Content Snare.

“Content Snare makes it more methodical. Using Google Drive, it was easy to miss small amounts of content and we wouldn’t realize until we went to upload it to the website. That means you have to stop the project where it is and go back and get content.”

This is an unexpected benefit for many Content Snare customers. They find that during the initial setup of Content Snare, they become more thoughtful about the information they ask for. This covers all bases the first time a client adds their content and reduces time wasted in rework and excessive communication. 

“We spend about half an hour at the start of a project setting it up. This saves so much time with missed stuff at the end. It saves us going back and forth asking for different file formats and image sizes.”

Because Huga places so much importance on their client experience, there is an added benefit. 

“It saves our clients time too. They just need to log into one system and write.”

Jenny found that using Content Snare has changed their client’s attitude towards content. Because they can see what they need to do and the process is easy, projects run more smoothly. 

“You get a better product at the end”

And that’s not even just for clients. 

“We even use Content Snare internally when we’re writing content for our own site!”



Huga create intuitive websites & marketing campaigns for SMEs with a focus on warm, friendly service.


Projects were often delayed or completely stalled waiting for content from their clients, despite sending carefully worded documents and checklists.


One place for clients to go to provide content. Content approval and change requests. Constraints for text length and image size.




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