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How EventMobi streamlines content collection to improve client experience and save time

Content Snare has helped EventMobi, the world’s #1 event management platform to efficiently collect content and digital assets from their clients, easing the burden of endless email trails.

EventMobi is a full lifecycle event management platform. For 10+ years they have enabled organizers to easily plan and manage events and conferences. Their attendee engagement features help create better experiences for attendees, sponsors and organizers. 

For event planners that need more, EventMobi provides a range of professional services including website design and virtual events content production.

We sat down with VP of Customer Experience, Vander Guerrero, to find out how Content Snare played an important role in their success.

“We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients.”

At first, EventMobi used PDF forms to collect content. They came with several problems. 

  • Difficult to customize for each client
  • Files being passed back and forth can be lost or incorrectly versioned
  • Downloading the file, filling it out and returning was tedious for clients
  • Sub-optimal experience for both the client and EventMobi

Next, they tried Google Forms. This solved some of the problems but they were still rigid. The main problems were that forms could not be customized for each client, and had to be filled out in one sitting. That places extra stress on clients and can result in lost data if they forget to submit it. 

So Vander went looking for a more sustainable, robust solution.

“I was just looking for a better forms tool to replace Google Forms. I didn’t even know a solution like Content Snare existed.”

Vander said that they could immediately see that this solution was designed for this exact problem - getting information from clients in an organized way. 

“Now there is one place for them to submit their content. Content Snare gives our clients peace of mind that they can stop work at the end of the day to come back to complete their content the next day. That wasn’t possible with forms.”

Many businesses need to collect slightly different information from different clients. Traditional forms aren’t built to handle this, so customizing the request for each client is tedious. 

“Content Snare allows us to customize the form for each client much more easily”

After setting it up, Vander realized there was more to Content Snare than just collecting information. 

Normally, when content arrives from a form and some items need revising, it kicks off an email exchange. Anyone who has done this knows that these exchanges become extremely difficult to manage. Replies can come from different people, with different subject lines with pieces of content spread across loads of emails. 

Content Snare changes that. 

“Content Snare allowed us to review individual items. We can approve or reject them with a comment so they know what needs to be changed. This eliminates a lot of email.“

Understandably, Vander had some initial reservations that clients would not use the platform to enter their content. Sometimes asking clients to use a project management system or an unfamiliar system can result in backlash. 

This is why Content Snare was designed to have an extremely simple interface that guides clients through the content capture process, one step at a time. 

“Initially, I was worried that clients would not engage with the platform, but it has been very well accepted by our clients.”

Finally, I asked Vander about the features that save the most time for EventMobi:

“The best features for us are that we can reuse templates, the ability to approve and reject individual items and that all the content we need is in one repository.”



EventMobi is the world's #1 event app platform. They empower their clients by creating interactive, enriching, memorable experiences for event guests.


EventMobi launched a professional services department to help clients with design and marketing. For this, they needed a solution to collect content and information from clients in an organized way.


A centralized content repository for all clients. Customizable forms and templates. Approve/Reject individual items. Automated reminders.




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