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How Clarity Bookkeeping sped up their client onboarding and client queries

Since incorporating Content Snare, Clarity Bookkeeping have been able to correct and perfect a multitude of their processes, making for a much easier process for both themselves and their clients.

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Clarity Bookkeeping is a virtual bookkeeping and advisory firm helping business owners understand their numbers. They work with clients remotely using cloud-based accounting software and receipt management tools, all with bank-level security.

We spoke with owner Brooke Swan, to find out more about their switch to Content Snare, and which processes have been impacted the most.

Missing information

We were having trouble keeping tabs on all of the missing information from various clients and how long it had been since we last followed up on each client. 

With multiple clients to manage and a flurry of information to collect, keeping track of everything manually is borderline impossible. 

Bookkeeping relies heavily on information from clients, especially when it comes to onboarding. Without a process in place for this, many firms struggle with getting the information they need on time.

There also used to be a lot of forth and back between myself, our bookkeepers and clients, which Content Snare has gotten me out of. Man, that was a mess. 

When information has to travel forth and back across a chain of people , it’s always a recipe for disaster.

Information is so much more prone to being lost, causing unwanted and detrimental delays. 

So we found a different software at the time but it was very expensive and I didn’t like the interface of it at all.

In her search for a solution, Brooke ended up using a large, well-known practice management product but felt like it wasn’t a great experience for her clients. That led her to continue to hunt for something better suited to her and her client’s needs.   

The struggle finally ended when she came across Content Snare...

A multi-purpose solution

Right now, we are using Content Snare for our onboarding processes and our month end processes with all of our clients. We also use it for when we do historical cleanups for clients and to collect missing W-9 and other contractor and employee forms.

The versatility of Content Snare has allowed it to become a staple in Brooke’s business across several processes. 

I was really surprised by it! It only took me around an hour to set it up. I’m really not tech-savvy. If I can use it, anyone can use it. 

As the platform is used by such a range of people in a variety of countries (including remote, undeveloped areas), it was designed to be able to be used by anyone.

No matter how non-technical your client is, there won’t be much of a learning curve to Content Snare. 

I think it looks very professional, clean and it’s very easy to use.

Content Snare’s UI was designed meticulously to be both pleasing to the eye and easy as pie for you and your clients. Plus, the sleek, professional look never goes a miss. 

It’s really easy to see what’s missing at a glance.

With simple colour-coding, it takes less than a second to scan through your request and pick up on any missing content the client has yet to submit. 

There’s no need to spend ages scouring through emails to figure out what you have and haven’t got, saving bags of time along the way. 

Glowing reviews

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from clients that I’ve onboarded about how easy and efficient it was.

There's no better feeling than when clients are completely satisfied with their experience and time working with you. 

Onboarding can often be one of the most drawn-out and frustrating parts of the process for them, so removing some of the burden from them can make all the difference. 

I actually also have clients that use Content Snare in their businesses because they just like it so much.

Well, great minds think alike, so we’re not surprised about that at all!

I recommend Content Snare to any bookkeepers and just anyone. All the time! 

Content Snare can have a huge impact on your productivity in such a short space of time. Whether you work in bookkeeping or a completely different sector, it will slot perfectly into your business and quite possibly solve a big problem before it even crops up. 

So what’s the delay? If you want to see the same kind of results as Brooke and completely streamline your process, all that’s left to do is grab a free trial today.

Clarity Bookkeeping


Clarity Bookkeeping provides bookkeeping, controller, and CFO services to service based businesses.


Information was becoming difficult to keep track of and the process of passing information from team member to team member to the clients was unnecessarily lengthy and complicated.


An efficient, all-in-one platform allowing clients and team members alike to easily provide information, access what’s already there and see what’s missing within seconds.




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