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How this agency saved time and frustration by collecting their content in one place

After struggling with their previous content collection method, Kickstart Web Design discovered Content Snare and, straight away, began completing websites much faster.

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Kickstart Web Design is a web design agency based in Ballinasloe, Ireland. They focus on designing beautiful websites & eCommerce stores for their clients, with a clear understanding that every business is unique, with different goals, different requirements and different budgets at their disposal.

We spoke with Joe Glennon, Co-founder, to find out more about the impact Content Snare had on his process and workflow.  

A collaborative platform

Originally, Joe had been doing freelance web design. That meant that his previous content collection method, which involved scouring through email threads, whilst inconvenient, was okay for him on a temporary basis. However, after him and his business partner decided to club together and the business became more of an agency, he soon realised that this system would no longer function due to the fact that, now, both of them were going to need access to the content provided from clients. 

“For the two of us, working side-by-side, we needed easier collaboration between each other. We needed a central place where we could both access all of the content.”

This is why, for those with a workflow involving more than one team member, Content Snare is particularly intuitive, as you can select the plan that corresponds to the amount of users you may require, allowing everyone to access and work with the content provided. 

“When it’s not all in one place, clients can get frustrated too. With Content Snare, it’s all there in one nick.”

Although a lot of emphasis is placed on the frustrations all of this causes for the agency collecting the content, this issue can also be felt on the client’s side. Having to send multiple emails, respond to follow-ups and potentially resend content that gets lost in the mess of all of the email threads is the opposite of a warm and welcoming client experience. Clients prefer the ease of being able to provide all of their content in one place.

Speaking of client experience, this ended up playing a significant role in Joe’s decision to implement Content Snare over other methods.

A crowd-pleaser 

“We’ve tried sending a questionnaire on a Word Doc or a Google Doc but it was never quite the same.”

The majority of clients prefer to feel like a priority rather than just a name on a list, which is why sending them a blank questionnaire and leaving them to it ends up being rather ineffective. With Content Snare, the personal touches and custom client experience both contribute towards the client feeling valued and important.

“Thankfully, I found Content Snare and I knew it was perfect straight away. Even the clients love it.” 

When designing Content Snare, a heavy focus was placed upon ensuring that the client interface was as accessible as possible, which is why, for the first time, you may find that your clients are actually eager to begin filling out their requests and providing content.

“We’ve had clients ask us to send them another request. They actually enjoy using it.”

Once you start using Content Snare, you won’t be able to look back. Your clients certainly won’t let you.

Taking your time back

Above all, Joe noticed that, by using Content Snare, he was able to steal back some of the time he had previously been losing during the content collection process, making things much more efficient for Kickstart Web Design. 

“It’s reduced our web design process by about 25%. It’s definitely a huge time saver.”

This then allowed them to accomplish some amazing things that, before, seemed completely out of reach.

“We onboarded 60 retailers within the local community in the space of two to three weeks. There’s no way we would have done that without a system like Content Snare in place.”

This just proves that, with the right method, anything’s possible.

“Give it a try, get familiar with it, do a test trial with the client, send a request to someone and you’ll soon begin to love it.”

Joe managed to do the unthinkable with the help of Content Snare and continues to save valuable time within each of his projects every single time he sends a request. You could be next. 

Kickstart Web Design


Kickstart Web Design specialises in professional eCommerce Shopify web design and Wordpress brochure web design, catering to all budgets, needs and tastes.


Content from clients was coming in via email, making for a disorganised content collection process. This meant that it was very difficult for Joe and his business partner to work through and collaborate on the content in a streamlined way.


A centralised platform within which content can be collected all at once and in the same place, avoiding confusion and frustration for both the designers and the clients.




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