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How Membee took their content collection process from drab to fab

Since implementing Content Snare, Membee have been able to save hours of their precious time per project, streamline their process and stick to deadlines.

Membee is a fully automated membership & event system designed to help professional associations, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and numerous other membership-based organizations. Membee's automated features help eliminate mundane administrative tasks so that organizations can focus on the needs of their membership.

We spoke with Kathy Goodman, senior implementation specialist, to find out just how much Content Snare has affected Membee’s process and what prompted them to make the switch.

Striking gold

Last Summer, I was struggling with setting up a project. I was trying to figure out how to take the content that the client gave me to my web developer. This was originally taking me 5 hours.

As with most people, Kathy’s Content Snare story began when she could no longer cope with the content collection process she previously had in place. Having over 200 pieces of information to collect per client was enough of a battle already but, on top of that, Kathy also needed to copy and paste everything individually into a document to send to her developer. Nightmare!

I was about to lose my mind. I would just sit there and think “Oh my gosh, what am I going to do!”

We’ve all been there. It’s not a nice feeling. 

I started thinking about whether or not I could do this with forms. I thought to myself “Could I put together a whole bunch of things on a Google Form?”

When attempting to find a solution for the woes of unorganised content collection, Google Forms is often a first thought. 

Unfortunately, if you’re creating long forms to collect a variety of different information types, you’ll most likely find that Google Forms just doesn’t cut it and has too many limitations. 

If you’re looking for something that allows you to map out your form in exactly the way you want, Content Snare is an exact match to your needs, providing organisation and structure with a multitude of field types. 

Then BOOM. You guys showed up. I started looking through the website and getting excited. I thought “Oh my goodness! I think I’ve found it!”

Kathy felt that spark straight away when she discovered what Content Snare could do for their organization. Just a few of these include:

  • A variety of handy built-in templates
  • A simple, linear path for clients
  • Automatic reminders

These features, and more, make the process of collecting information from clients a breeze.

I texted my boss to say I’d found something amazing. I just couldn’t believe it.

Missing details 

In our previous system, one of the biggest shortfalls was that you couldn’t enforce constraints or specify which formats we were looking for.

The problem that Kathy had with her previous software is a common one. It’s all well and good describing what you need in an email but this may be forgotten or ignored, leaving you stuck having to chase after your clients for the correct content. 

When it comes to things like websites, when we’re collecting images for page headers, I need an image in a certain size. I need something that’s a minimum height and width. I couldn’t do that in the other software.

With Content Snare, enforcing constraints on images and text couldn’t be easier and will ensure you get exactly what you need the first time around.

When it comes to text, you can limit both the minimum and the maximum text length by word or character amount. This ensures that, whether you’re expecting your client to provide you with a snappy quote or an entire blog post, your requirements are always met.

Images can be limited to a minimum and maximum height and width as well as restricted to a required aspect ratio. 

Say goodbye to receiving the wrong content!

I would receive all kinds of crazy things that just wouldn’t work so then we had to go back and get the content again.

Going back and forth via email with several people at once and trying to sift through their muddled content is the definition of a pain in the a**. 

This made our process slow. We need to do things on a specific timeline.

Missing content is one of the most prominent causes of delays. 

When delays occur within a project, everything gets pushed back and upcoming opportunities either have to be put off or cancelled completely. Your productivity and earning potential should not be compromised by anything, especially not something like content collection, that is easily fixed with a tool like Content Snare. 

With the other software, it was hard for the client to understand. They were trying to get information to me but would lose their way and give up.

As Content Snare allows clients to experience a straightforward and accessible UI, they won’t have any trouble meeting deadlines and providing you with information at a much faster rate than would otherwise be possible.

Everything in order

One of the strengths of Content Snare is that everything’s always in order. It’s logical and it makes sense, from a client’s perspective and for a project manager.

Being able to visualise and understand which pieces of content are going to be used for what purposes is vital for both parties.

The other thing I love about Content Snare is the linear path. I can set the questions so that they’re nicely separated and clients can go from question to question in sections.

Organisation is a huge part of Content Snare. Requests can be broken down into pages, sections and fields, making it much less overwhelming for the client and much easier to work through for the request owner. 

Content Snare is absolutely critical for implementing our software.

Just like Membee, once you try it, you’ll never go back. 

I’ve had a lot of fun with it, it’s been really great for us.

If you want to follow in Kathy’s footsteps and turn your frustration into satisfaction, grab a free trial here.



Membee is cloud-based membership management software designed to make life easier for staff, volunteers and members.


A disjointed content management process meant that it was a burden to both collect information and pass it onto the necessary people.


A clear system allowing clients to submit only the correct content on time with a quick export feature for easy sharing.




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