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How this app development company automated their client onboarding

The App Match use Content Snare to capture information for clients at the beginning of their app development projects. This has allowed them to ditch 5-6 other tools, streamline the process and get more projects done. Their clients now compliment them on how easy the process is.

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Jarrod runs The App Match - a company that builds mobile apps for market leaders. These are businesses which leverage blogs, memberships and podcasts and have an existing audience.

These apps help their clients achieve higher engagement and traffic - by making it easy for their customers to consume their existing content.

Collecting information from clients - before

The App Match require lots of information from their clients so they can set up apps with the right content.

Previously, they had been using 5 or 6 different tools to collect content - like forms, email and project management systems. Content and information was received across a huge amount of different files and formats. This resulted in enormous email trails that became difficult to navigate.

“It was a mess, that’s for sure”

Collating everything was a tedious process for staff. This meant that it took longer than it should to complete projects.

Enter Content Snare

“After moving to Content Snare, we’ve got this completely seamless process, and we’ve had people comment about how easy it was for them to get the information to us”

When Jarrod first signed up for a trial of Content Snare, he was a bit too busy to spend time creating his own templates. This is common with many new users to Content Snare, as like most things, it takes some effort to get everything set up for you business.

But once he circled back and found the time to set it up, he hit an “a-ha” moment when he realised how much time it would save.

“But when I jumped back in and built my first Snare, I immediately got that a-ha moment when I realised this is done now.

I never have to request this information again”

Once set up, The App Match were saving at least an hour per day of back and forth time. Clients now provide everything in one go, and the App Match team no longer need to jump between tools to collate information.

This means they get projects done faster.

Jarrod thinks that it has worked so well for them because Content Snare makes providing information easier for for his clients. That’s because people tend to delay difficult tasks.

“I think the secret is just that we’ve made it easier for clients to give us stuff. There’s no barrier, there’s no friction. People have even complimented us on that. It used to be a fight to collect stuff.”

He also loves how automated it is once set up.

“To clients, it looks like I asked for the information, but I didn’t… it’s just automated”

Taking it to the next level

People often find new and novel ways to use Content Snare. For example, some businesses create client checklists or “homework” for their clients to go through instructions and mark off the parts they have done.

Jarrod has found several use cases and continues to find more.

“I keep finding things in my business we can turn into a Snare”

Save time in your business

To take Content Snare for a spin and see how it could work for you, grab a free trial here.

While Jarrod says that “even his mom could send a Content Snare,” we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. There are a bunch of starter templates you can modify to your own needs, and video training for key features.

If you have any questions about how it might work for you, or want some help getting set up to collect documents from clients, drop us a line at [email protected]

The App Match


The App Match build mobile apps for market leaders. These leverage existing blogs, memberships and podcasts to reach a wider audience.


Information was captured through 5 or 6 different tools which led to confusion, back-and-firth email and a mess of different file formats.


Automated intake forms to create a seamless experience for staff, and make the content collection process easy for clients.




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