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This digital marketing agency switched from email and increased their productivity and client satisfaction

After growing tired of the unnecessary extra work caused by floods of emails, Web of Arc made the switch to Content Snare and eliminated up to 40 emails per client.

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Web of Arc is a digital marketing/digital media boutique agency that creates premium websites and monthly marketing packages for a one-of-a-kind first impression. 

We spoke with Lauren Lopez, Co-founder, to find out more about how Content Snare has played an active role in increasing the productivity and efficiency of her agency.

Files Galore

“There’s lots of information and files that need to be exchanged and questions that need to be answered.”

In order to move forward with any web design or marketing project, communication and coordination with the client is required. Information and content needs to be collected. This is something that Lauren and her team experience on a daily basis. Before discovering Content Snare, this was becoming a real struggle for them. 

“The issue we were having was that there wasn't a central location for this exchange of information. Not everybody is savvy or has Dropbox. Even if they did, it didn't keep everything organized well enough.”

With a wide variety of clients to cater for whom each preferred to submit their content in their own way, Web Of Arc were receiving files from all different angles and in multiple different batches. The end result was difficult to work through and highly disorganized. 

In an effort to improve this process for both themselves and their clients, Lauren and her team decided to search for an alternative method of content collection that would, at the same time, remain easy for even the most technically-challenged clients. That’s when they came across Content Snare.

Satisfaction All Round

“Whenever we're evaluating software that we know our clients will be interfacing with, one of our primary concerns is that it is intuitive and straightforward.” 

We know that client experience is incredibly important. Forcing a complicated system with a steep learning curve upon your clients is just an instant no. Content Snare’s client UI was deliberately designed to cut all of that out, meaning that your clients can get straight on with the important part: providing the content. 

To make things even clearer, you’re also given the ability to add instructions for your clients on several levels, as well as provide them with our informative, unbranded training video, which walks them through the system visually. It couldn’t be simpler!

“We decided to move forward with Content Snare because we had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the clients we were testing it on.”

Content Snare always proves to be popular with clients who, for the most part, are just as fed up with long and drawn-out email trails as you are. So why not enhance the experience for both of you?

Instant Results

“When we were just rolling Content Snare out to our newer clients, I had an older client that sent me 20 emails in a day. I was like, "Oh, my inbox is flooded right now!" I was so thankful that we would soon have all our clients on Content Snare.”

As soon as you make the switch, the differences between using Content Snare and email will become clear almost immediately. For Lauren and her team, seeing the two processes side-by-side with old clients and new clients was a real eye-opener and made them even more eager to transfer everybody over to Content Snare for good. 

“I would recommend Content Snare. No matter the business’ size, an owner can use it as an internal tool. It's a very professional-feeling platform”

As a business owner, sorting through hundreds of emails per day looking for the content you need for your projects to run smoothly should not be your main focus. However, for many using email, this has unfortunately become a reality and multiple hours are being wasted each week. If this sounds like you, why not regain control of your time and let us take on the burden for you?

Web of Arc


Web of Arc deals with diverse clients ranging from small business owners, to local professionals, to artists, entrepreneurs, and fortune 500 companies, creating stunning websites and bettering their marketing efforts.


Lauren and her team were receiving 20-40 emails per client, filling their inbox with an abundance of content in disarray. In addition to this, certain clients were struggling to use Dropbox, creating frustration on their side too.


An intuitive and streamlined system for gathering information from clients, allowing projects to continue moving forward at the right pace.




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