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This agency's most non-technical client loved Content Snare

After discovering Content Snare during a project, Digital Relativity put an end to their battle with cluttered spreadsheets and turned over a new leaf with a smooth system.

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Digital Relativity is a full-service marketing agency helping businesses across the globe understand how a mixture of digital and traditional marketing can help them reach their goals.

We spoke with Ashton Harvey, marketing strategist, to find out more about the origin of Digital Relativity’s content collection woes and how Content Snare was able to completely eliminate them. 

Spreadsheet shambles

Before Content Snare, we were using spreadsheets. It was always Google Sheets or Google Docs.

Ouch. As far as content collection methods go, spreadsheets are among the worst.

Seeing a spreadsheet with a bunch of questions needing to be answered is more than overwhelming for a client at first glance, putting them off even attempting the task. 

On top of that, spreadsheets have a multitude of limitations. You won’t be able to collect files and/or images correctly, there’s no way of imposing requirements or specifications for the content provided and you can’t see clearly what the client has provided and what they haven’t.

Sorting through the mishmash of content provided within a spreadsheet is just never worth the headache.

We would try to find a way to collaborate and keep track of where we were at in those collaborations, but there were just too many places to look for one project. 

As certain items can’t be uploaded within a spreadsheet, you’ll be forced to collect them using a different method, such as Dropbox or email. 

This unnecessarily multiplies the amount of places you need to look to find content and, as a result, causes more time to be spent collecting content than required.

Then the timeline issue, for us, was just as big as the actual content gathering. 


The knock-on effect of all of the above is a very delayed project which, of course, will leave both you and the client unhappy and frustrated. Nobody wants that.

The best quick-fix

Content Snare was introduced to me during a large website redesign project. I was the guinea pig when it came to setting up our first request and figuring out the system.

Lucky you, Ashton!

It was very easy to learn! Especially in terms of user interface and training, it was very very simple.

The Content Snare UI was designed with care in order to ensure that the learning curve needed to master the platform is extremely limited, if not non-existent. 

Plus, to get you going as quickly as possible, you’ll be fully kitted-out with informative training videos to accompany you on your journey with Content Snare, as well as a rich knowledge base full of help articles and best practices. 

It’s been pretty flexible for us in terms of what we need to communicate to our partners in order to complete the project.

The range of different fields available allows you to request any piece of information you could think of, with no restrictions. 

Need your client to provide a specific colour for their website or branding? There’s a colour picker field right there, ready for you.

The possibilities are endless. 

As long as they have a Content Snare request, we can track their project and we know where to look for that information.

Since every step within the content collection process happens in the same place, you’ll never have to worry about losing track of information for a project.

Simply log in and everything you need will be right in front of you. 

I definitely like the fact that it saves as I’m going. The live update feature is huge for us.

This feature is applicable to both you and your clients. As Content Snare saves progress automatically, there’s no need to worry about needing to redo anything.

Even if you have to leave in a hurry and close the window, everything will still be there when you return. 

I don’t have to click save every ten seconds. I don’t have to worry about the work that I’ve done so far just going away. 

Less buttons to press = less stress.

It’s definitely improved our process.

We’re so glad to hear that!

A people-friendly platform

We discovered an unexpected benefit of using Content Snare during a web project with our mayor. She’s in her 60s or 70s and, whilst most people above a certain age don’t react well to new software, she LOVED Content Snare.

Content Snare was made for everyone and can be used by people of all ages and backgrounds. 

No matter what level of prior experience you have using software products, as soon as you pick up Content Snare, you’ll be off faster than Speedy Gonzalez. 

She loved using it. She used it perfectly, got all of her requests in on time and now we have a new website for our town, which is great!

What a win!

If you want to experience wins like this within your business, don’t hesitate to grab a free trial of Content Snare here to start saving time and getting your projects completed much faster. 

The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organised bliss? 
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Digital Relativity is a “tradigital” marketing agency crafting unique strategies that get results.


Collecting content through spreadsheets proved to be a chaotic process that absorbed way too much valuable time for the team.


An all-in-one platform with an organised UI, allowing for collection and viewing of content and information in one single location.




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The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organized bliss?

Give Content Snare a try today with your free trial.

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