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How a marketing agency reduced errors and saved time on client data collection

REN Marketing used Content Snare to reduce the errors in their data collection by 50%. Previously, resolving these errors resulted in time wasted via email and other communication.

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REN Marketing are a digital agency based in Miami, Florida. They focus on ecommerce, and provide website design and build, usually on Shopify, through to PPC and social ads.

We spoke with Franco Aquino, Operations Director, about how they manage collecting data and content from clients.

Starting with Google Forms

Ecommerce is an especially content-heavy industry. Online stores often have hundreds or thousands of products. These all have unique titles, descriptions, variations and multiple images. That volume of content is difficult to manage. Even more so when you have to rely on someone else, like a client, to provide it.

REN Marketing previously used Google Forms and Google Documents to collect their ecommerce data from clients.

It helped their process, but they found several issues:

  • Clients required Google accounts, and not everyone had one
  • They had to manually follow up with clients if they failed to send content
  • They could not add constraints on inputs, like text length and image sizes
  • Requests to edit content had to be done via email

The collection and editing process resulted in a lot of time wasted. Wasted time impacts profitability of projects.

Reducing errors and content issues

Franco says that when they switched to Content Snare, the biggest improvement for REN was the reduction in errors in content. This reduced the time spent correcting those errors via email and other communication.

“The volume errors when it comes to data collection have decreased by around 50%”

Another benefit Franco noticed was that it became easier for the clients to provide content, which meant less hand-holding.

“Content Snare allowed us to just share a link. That made it much easier since no one had to create an account”

It’s also become easier for REN to create and send content requests to clients, as they have set up several templates for common content requests. These templates can be added to new requests in seconds. Because it isn’t being done manually every time, it’s reduced the chance for human error in creating those content requests for clients.

“We can save sections and add them to a new request. That saves a lot of time and reduces the probability that we’ll make an error, because everyone is going through the same process”

Saving time on email

Content Snare’s automatic email reminders are one of the most popular Content Snare features with agencies. It provides the means to send out a series of emails to clients who haven’t yet provided their content.

REN realised this benefit as well.

“We are able to schedule different emails so that clients who have not finalised their content are reminded about it”.

Try it out

When asked if he would recommend Content Snare, Franco says “absolutely, 10/10.”

“It’s helped us get content from clients more quickly and with less issues. It’s so easy to use that you don’t have to think twice”

To take Content Snare for a spin and see how it could work for you, start your free trial here.

We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to get started. There are several starter templates which you can modify to your own needs. There’s also video training for you can use for your team and clients.

If you have any questions about how it might work for you, or want some help getting set up, drop us a line at [email protected]

REN Marketing


REN Marketing are a digital agency based in Miami, Florida. They focus on ecommerce, and provide website design and build, usually on Shopify, through to PPC and social ads.


Using Google Docs and Forms for content collection caused excessive & inefficient client communication to rectify content issues and errors.


Templates for repeat content. Constraints for content length & image sizes. Automatic reminders to keep clients on track.




Miami, Florida
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