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How Pimlico Capital transformed its document collection process using Content Snare

Pimlico Capital swapped email for Content Snare when gathering client documents — and the benefits they have enjoyed as a result.

Gathering client information is a critical process for businesses in the service industry. But despite the central role it plays, many businesses still resort to collecting information using clunky, outdated tools like email. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. With a tool like Content Snare, you can sidestep efficiency bottlenecks and security concerns, allowing you to gather the documents and data you need with ease. 

In this article, we explain why Pimlico Capital swapped email for Content Snare when gathering client documents — and the benefits they haveit has enjoyed as a result.

Held back by legacy tools  

Founded in 2016, Pimlico Capital serves residential real estate investors seeking to leverage their investments. They offer both short and long-term financing solutions to suit the needs of all types of investors, whether fixing and flipping single-family homes or acquiring multifamily rental properties.

Previously, Pimlico collected documentation from its borrowers via email, but this approach was causing all sorts of unnecessary issues. While email is still a workable tool for client correspondence, Pimlico found that when it comes to collecting information from clients, it simply doesn’t cut it. 

Important attachments can get lost amid messy back-and-forth email chains, or buried at the bottom of ever-expanding inboxes. Locating the right information can be needlessly time-consuming — if you can find it at all.

Email also poses problems when it comes to access to information. If an important document is sent to an individual’s email address but a team member needs to access it, they have to jump through hoops to do so. 

Then there’s the issue of sending highly confidential or sensitive documents via email, which generally isn’t encrypted or particularly secure.

“We had security concerns in terms of not wanting to receive anything with personal identifiable information in it via email. In addition, borrowers would send multiple emails on the same deal with documents, and once that was multiplied by many borrowers/deals, the emails became quite difficult to manage and track.”

Finding Content Snare

Convinced there must be a better way to gather client documents, Pimlico set about scouring the public domain for the right tool. They tried out several content management systems and alternatives before settling on a platform that suited their needs the best: Content Snare. 

Content Snare is a dedicated system for requesting, gathering, and storing client information. It allows you to build custom digital forms and questionnaires that guide clients through the submission process step by step. 

You can add context to requests through text, video, or attachments. You can approve or reject submissions with a single click. You can even answer their request-related queries in the platform itself. And all this without having to resort to email.

From the client’s side, Content Snare offers a slick and intuitive UX that makes content submission a breeze. With our auto-save feature, clients can tackle requests a bit at a time, without losing their progress. 

Having decided to go with Content Snare, Pimlico Capital had one major concern: What if their clients don’t use the system and continue providing documentation via email? Through a combination of clear communication and superior UX, however, their clients soon saw that Content Snare was a simpler, faster way to submit documents.

The result: Streamlined and secure document collection

So how has Content Snare helped Pimlico Capital? Firstly, it has helped them streamline the flow of documentation from borrowers to loan processors. Instead of trawling through packed inboxes and never-ending email chains, the information they need is right there in Content Snare, and accessible to any member of their team that’s been granted access.

There are no more security concerns either. With all data encrypted in transit and at rest, Pimlico Capital and its clients can rest assured that all documents and data are secure at all times.

Amid Content Snare’s rich list of features, there are a few that particularly stood out to Pimlico Capital: 

“We like having the ability to accept a document and automatically upload it to our Google Drive (we have an API that does this). We like that if we need to reject a submission from a borrower, we can do so with a note to them explaining why the document was rejected. 

We also like that we can add commentary above each placeholder to indicate to the borrower exactly what it is that we need from them. We even uploaded a user tutorial to assist anyone new to Content Snare.”

Content Snare has been a revelation for Pimlico Capital’s customers too, making the process of submitting documents simpler, faster, and clearer. And we all know that happy customers tend to be loyal customers.

Pimlico Capital was also quick to point out its appreciation for Content Snare’s commitment to continuous improvement, explaining how the platform’s functionality and UX are improving all the time. 

“When we first onboarded, if a borrower uploaded multiple documents to the same placeholder, we had to accept or reject all of them. Since then, Content Snare has upgraded the platform such that we can make decisions about individual documents within the same placeholder.”

Still using email to gather client documents? 

Decades after it hit the mainstream, email is still a fairly reliable tool for communicating with clients, especially for one-off or formal correspondence. But using it for gathering important documents and information is like using a hammer to clean your windows. 

Today, your clients expect seamless digital experiences when interacting with your business — and that includes submitting documents. If you can’t offer them that, chances are they’ll look for a competitor that can. 

With Content Snare, you have a tool designed specifically to provide a slick, hassle-free experience when submitting information, for both you and your clients. And with our Zapier integration, you can easily connect Content Snare to your existing tools.

If you’re fed up with trawling through messy email threads to find the documents you need, start your free Content Snare trial.

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Collecting key documents from lenders using email was causing all manner of efficiency bottlenecks, not to mention security concerns.


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