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How this tax credit firm transformed their onboarding process and tripled their business

Incentax is a tax credit consulting firm, offering a diverse range of tax credit opportunities that can benefit companies in a wide variety of fields and industries. 

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Incentax is a tax credit consulting firm dedicated to simplicity from start to finish. Their tax credit experts employ a proven, client-centric process to identify and maximize all available state and federal tax credits for all types of businesses.

We spoke with Brian Goodwin, Director of sales and partnerships, to find out more about his journey with Content Snare, from discovery to implementation, and the impact it’s had on Incentax’s process as a whole. 

Spreadsheets in a shambles

We were bringing on a lot of new clients. With this, it's not just signing engagement letters, it’s also collecting all the data needed in order to run one of these tax credit studies.

As is the case within any other financial sector, the world of tax credits is a document-heavy one. This means that, if not approached correctly, document collection processes such as client onboarding can become incredibly tricky.

Originally, we did this with Excel sheets. People would go in and fill things out, or maybe not fill out certain pieces of information, and then they would send it back.

Collecting this information in a spreadsheet using a tool like Excel or Google Sheets might seem like a feasible option to start with, but those who attempt to go down that route quickly discover the many limitations.

One of those, as Brian mentioned, is that there is a large possibility of being left with half of your questions unanswered and a whole heap of stress. That’s right: there’s absolutely nothing preventing your clients from cherry-picking which pieces of information they’d like to provide, putting the whole process on hold indefinitely. 

We'd be halfway through something and I'd be repeatedly going back to figure out things. What do I have? What do I not have? Honestly, it was just a mess. 

Not having the correct content is the last thing anybody should have to worry about when onboarding a client in preparation for a project. 

That focus should be redirected towards the task in hand so that everything can run as smoothly as possible and the partnership can commence. 

We had somebody internally who was trying to manage this. But still, once again, now you just have one person who's chasing all this stuff around versus several people chasing it around. 

Realistically, moving the problem around and pushing it onto someone else is never going to be a long term solution. 

For Brian and Incentax, nipping this issue in the bud all together was vital, which they’ve since achieved after stumbling upon Content Snare. 

An ideal introduction 

We actually got introduced to this through our new accounts partners.

Well, you know what they say: great minds think alike!

I saw it and thought: that's exactly what we need! Why aren't we using this for our stuff? That's what got us into Content Snare.

The majority of our customers have a similar tale to tell when it comes to their first thoughts on  Content Snare. Call it a light bulb moment...

I was like a kid in a candy store. I got a free trial on Friday and then, on Sunday, I actually sat down and played with it.

In four hours, I basically created what would have been a full-time job for somebody.

Our generous 14-day free trial (no credit card needed!) allows full access to each and every feature, putting zero limits on your discovery of the platform. 

There is also a wide range of tutorials and a complete library of help articles available to you that you can access at any time throughout your learning journey and beyond. Feel free to explore!

Content Snare will save you money, time and effort all-in-one. No need to post that job opening after all...

Snare to the rescue

Our business would not have been able to scale and grow without this. We’ve probably been able to triple our business because of this, because we were spending so much time tracking down data.

Many businesses, after incorporating Content Snare into their processes, promptly experience the euphoric feeling that comes with finally winning their time back and being able to put it towards the things that matter most. 

Effectively, the clients are onboarding themselves and then doing the information collection on their own in the background while we're doing other stuff.

Content Snare allows your client to experience the perfect balance between independence and guidance. 

With our polite, automatic email reminders, everybody stays in the loop without you even having to lift a finger. The definition of minimum effort, maximum results!

Content Snare is like our newest team member. We just don't have to pay a payroll and benefits to it, but it's doing the job that we would have had a person do and doing it better.

Investing just a few minutes of your time into sending a request can save you hours in the long run. Once it’s sent, all you have to do is kickback and relax as the information you requested rolls in. 

Content Snare really will become a part of your team. 

I would 100% recommend this really to anybody who has to collect data or information from somebody. If I had to go back to the days of searching through my emails to find the Excel sheet or the PDF that somebody sent me to try and compile data from, I’d be ruined.

Luckily for Brian, there’s no need to think back to those times, as Content Snare will always be there to make client onboarding and data collection a much simpler affair. 



Incentax is a tax credit consulting firm, offering a diverse range of tax credit opportunities that can benefit companies in a wide variety of fields and industries.


Searching through endless Excel sheets and emails to find client information was becoming increasingly difficult and wasting valuable time.


A structured, interactive system with very little learning curve, allowing for easy access to information.




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