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How this consulting agency turned their content collection worries into wins

Content collection was something Evolve Your Wedding Business was really dreading but, after coming across and implementing Content Snare, nothing but success ensued.

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Evolve Your Wedding Business helps wedding business owners work smarter, not harder, and enables them to achieve their goals without having to worry about any overcomplicated marketing efforts.

We spoke with Heidi, Founder, to learn more about why she chose Content Snare to eliminate all of her content collection struggles and keep her virtual summits running smoothly. 

Speakers galore

When I found Content Snare, I was trying to figure out exactly how I was going to request all of the material I needed from my summit speakers.

Online summits can be pretty content-heavy, meaning that pretty much everyone that runs one has to go through the same nerve-wracking thought process as Heidi. 

This comprises anything from 20 to 30 speakers per summit and I need questionnaires to be filled out, I need bios, I need photos, I need presentations, etc. 

With this amount of speakers and a whole bunch of content needing to be collected from each, the total amount of documents required can often exceed 500.

This is particularly overwhelming for a summit as everything has to be provided within a short time frame in preparation for a one-time event, making it even worse than you may first think.

The sheer volume of people I needed to reach out to and the amount of times I would need to reach out to them was just going to be a logistical nightmare. 

Exactly! When you do the maths, the whole thing just ends up seeming nearly impossible.

Without a clear system in place, the likelihood of everything getting lost is just too high, which is why Heidi decided to look elsewhere and see if there was something she could do about making her life just that much easier.

That’s when I found Content Snare as a solution to that insanely terrifying prospect.

Content Snare was made to take the chaos out of such situations, help you remain calm and allow you to focus on the more important elements of planning your summit. 

It was recommended to me and the very idea of being able to automate everything made me sign up immediately.

We’re so glad to hear that Content Snare was a no-brainer!

A worthy solution

The layout makes it easy to find everything so there’s never been an instance where I’ve been lost with what to do.

Content Snare was made with everyone in mind, which is why there’s no learning curve and you’ll instantly notice that the UI is deliberately straightforward on your side and the client’s side. 

We don’t want you to have to waste any time setting up and training yourself - you can just dive in and get going!

The more time we can help you save, the better.

The follow ups have saved me a ton of work.

Following up with clients tends to be the most tedious stage within the content collection process. Having to spend hours each week just reaching out and asking for updates on progress really isn’t an ideal usage of anyone’s time.

With Content Snare’s automatic reminders, you can say goodbye to hundreds of emails per month and let us do the work for you.

I can definitely say that it’s saved me a lot of time and a lot of overwhelm. It’s really simplified my process of gathering information from speakers.

Your processes should always remain as simple and autonomous as possible in order to free up your time for the activities that require a more hands-on approach.

It’s also stopped me from missing details. Without it, it would be very easy for me to not realise that a speaker hadn’t submitted something until it was too late. 

Content Snare clearly displays on the client’s request what they’ve provided and what’s still missing, keeping everything clear and transparent throughout.

It’s made it easy for them too. I’ve definitely heard from speakers that they really like the way I gather information from them.

Happy clients always equate to a happy business!

They love that it’s all in one place. It’s not just been beneficial for my experience but also for their experience which has been really cool to see. 

Client satisfaction is vital to the credibility and reputation of a business. In other words, if your content collection process sucks, so will your reviews.

This is why it’s imperative to keep your clients in mind and provide them with a system that makes their lives a breeze as well as yours.

Summit saviour 

I first started using Content Snare when learning how to do summits and, quite honestly, I probably wouldn’t have gone ahead and done the summit without it.

Virtual summits are just so much easier with Content Snare in your tool kit!

I would have had to spend at least 10 times as long as I did chasing 30 speakers around for information and realising they didn’t have what I needed.

At Content Snare, we never want to see you needlessly wasting your precious time, which is exactly why we’re here.

I just wasn’t willing to subject myself to that kind of headache.

Heidi actively made the decision not to put up with the content collection nightmare that most business owners are subjected to.

Join her today by grabbing your free trial of Content Snare. 

The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organised bliss? 

Give Content Snare a try today with your free trial.



Evolve Your Wedding Business is a consulting agency that helps wedding professionals grow their businesses without going crazy in the process.


With over 30 speakers to collect several pieces of information from, content collection was an incredibly daunting prospect for Heidi, leaving her unsure of what to do.


An easy, smooth system, allowing for uploading and storage of content and information in one place, leaving everything organised and in order.




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The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organized bliss?

Give Content Snare a try today with your free trial.

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