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How this non-profit organization made content collection easy and accessible

Content collection and review took FIVE times longer via endless PDF documents and emails before Coffee Quality Institute switched and cut that time down to just 15 minutes.

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it. They primarily focus on education certification, sending out instructors to train everyone across the Coffee Value Chain in the art of cupping and coffee processing.

We spoke with Kim Ta, Education Manager, to find out more about her reasons for switching to Content Snare and just how much it’s revolutionized the way in which she collects content.

The struggle before Snare

Kim uses Content Snare to gather evidence for an online venue verification process. This process functions in correlation with requirements her organization has set forth for their education programs. All venues must be vetted before an instructor can publish a course, so she creates requests using Content Snare to collect the photos and data she needs. The information she acquires then aids her in deciding whether a venue qualifies or not.

“When I first started at this organization, they were already collecting virtual information, photos, receipts, etc but it was always mishmashy. You’d start getting lost in a trail of emails and it was never very cohesive.”

After enduring this for long enough, Kim began searching the internet for solutions to her problem and, sure enough, ended up coming across us after conducting a Google search for an easy, uncomplicated online platform that allows clients to input photos, files and information.

“I thought there MUST be something out there that is like that. If not, I was literally going to pull out my hair. Thank God for Content Snare!”

An A+ for Accessibility

“I’m not that super tech-savvy, I do okay, but I needed it to be simple for me to use and simple for the other person to use. That’s what attracted me - the platform’s straightforward.”

That’s right: Content Snare is for everybody. Since Coffee Quality Institute operates on a global scale, notably in remote, undeveloped countries, the importance of finding something understandable enough for people from all age groups, technical abilities and walks of life was vital for Kim.

“There wasn’t a lot of tinkering to get it set up. I was just really impressed by the ease.”

We’re also aware that your time is precious; ensuring that there’s no need to spend hours on learning how to use Content Snare was one of our biggest priorities. This is why companies and clients alike find the interface incredibly simple to access and use from the minute they sign up.

“In the past year and a half I’ve done this, everyone’s like “it’s awesome”. They love the process, they think it’s easy, it’s clear and it delivers what we’re trying to deliver.”

With Content Snare, finally content collection can be less of a bore for the client, boosting their overall experience.

“I also appreciate the fact that it’s very mobile-friendly. It’s so nice to be able to have that same ease of using the platform across different mediums. It’s a great bonus.”

Unlike a lot of other websites, using Content Snare on your mobile phone allows you the opportunity to continue requesting and reviewing information from clients on the go without compromising the crisp, clean interface available to you on your desktop or laptop. All of the functionalities remain easy to read and easy to use.

Tackling time management

“Before Content Snare, it probably took me 5 times longer on average to garner what I needed to. Now, it takes me 15 minutes to review what I have. Before, there were several emails and also the turnaround time of waiting for emails and things getting lost. It really cut down all of that.”

This is the case for the vast majority of our customers and, after sending requests and seeing how quick the process is first-hand, for them, reverting back to old methods would feel like a total nightmare.

“I save a lot of time and that’s why we’re still using Snare.”

Kim successfully put an end to those wasted hours of back and forth with clients and drastically improved her workflow. You can do the same by getting started with a free trial here.

With our many modifiable simple starter templates and in-depth training videos for yourself, your team and your clients, it’s easier than ever to make the switch and start saving time in your business today.

You can also look forward to dedicated support for any of your questions, problems or general feedback, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll get you sorted with anything you need.

Coffee Quality Institute


With deep roots in the coffee trade, Coffee Quality Institute aims to facilitate market connections that build healthier supply chains and thriving coffee communities.


After an over lengthy verification process, instructors were still occasionally arriving at unsuitable venues as content collection by PDF and email proved to be unsuccessful.


An accessible, time-efficient means of gathering all of the information required with a content approval feature.




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