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How CapitalNow Cannabis revolutionised their onboarding process using Content Snare

For CapitalNow Cannabis, the longer the onboarding phase dragged on, the more money the process cost them. With Content Snare, they were able to drastically cut the unnecessary costs down.

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CapitalNow Cannabis is a Canadian invoice financing company focused exclusively on small to medium sized licensed operators in the Canadian cannabis sector. They provide operational cash flow in situations where traditional financial solutions aren’t an option, and operators don’t want to take on debt or lose equity in their business.

We spoke with Pep Ruckpanich, CFO, to find out more about the difficulties CapitalNow Cannabis were facing with regards to onboarding and how Content Snare made the world of a difference. 

Onerous onboarding 

One of the most important parts of our business is onboarding our clients. A lot of this process involves verification of documents, which we were doing via email.

Onboarding clients can be an extremely extensive process document-wise, especially within the financial industry. For this reason, collecting those documents via email just won’t work out. 

Requesting so many documents at once that are vital for the onboarding process will most likely lead you to lose track of what you have and haven’t got, resulting in you having to go on a wild goose chase within your own inbox. 

Let’s face it: nobody wants to have to sort through an endless email thread. 

This was quite cumbersome for our underwriting team and our backend operations team.

We can imagine!

In addition, the cost of this method was extremely massive because, for us, every extra day we spend onboarding a client is another day we have to absorb the costs we’re paying to our investors.

This is just one example of an industry within which time really is money, all proverbs aside.

For CapitalNow Cannabis, the onboarding process dragging on was needlessly throwing money down the drain, which is why it was essential for them to find a worthy solution.

A perfect introduction

I got a good idea of what Content Snare was through YouTube review videos and the introduction videos on the website.  It’s really easy for a new client to get familiar with the experience of using Content Snare. 

After simply watching a few of our videos, Pep was able to get started immediately and use Content Snare with ease.

This was the case for the vast majority of our customer base and is, quite often, the first comment we get when we ask for feedback on the UI. 

Constantly evolving, Content Snare was and will always be developed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, for both you and your clients.

Even though it’s one of the most UI-friendly tools, we did a test run with some of our potential and existing clients and got feedback from them. All of the feedback has been great. It’s actually made their lives easier as well. 

Clients can often dread the onboarding process, which is why it’s important to make it as smooth as possible for them too. 

When a client logs on and accesses their request, they can clearly see what they’ve provided and what’s still outstanding, limiting confusion and allowing them to focus on the task at hand. 

In addition to this, the client only sees one question at a time rather than a cluttered and condensed group of questions all at once. This stops them from becoming too overwhelmed.

I love the automated system for reminders because it takes humans out of the equation and makes clients feel a lot more comfortable. 

The automatic reminders follow up with your clients periodically throughout the lifetime of their request, making sure that everything is provided to you on time. 

It’s an automated system that sends the reminder to the client rather than us manually hounding them down. 

Don’t worry, we’ll take the blame.

I also love that we have the ability to be able to share with the team in real time without having to go through an email thread. 

As Content Snare is an all-in-one platform, there’s no need to transfer information from place to place to give the rest of your team access to what your clients have provided.

Instead, the platform creates a collaborative environment for everyone to share and interact with. Choose the perfect plan for your company and add all of your team members, keeping your whole team working together. 

Conserving the cash

This is one of the best solutions out there that makes things very easy and doesn’t require a lot of education as to how to use the platform. 

Content Snare aims to save your time, not waste it, which is why we’ve limited the learning curve as much as possible to allow you to get started right away.

No matter how old you are or what your technical background is, you won’t face any obstacles getting started with Content Snare.

I would absolutely recommend Content Snare. It’s been a game changer for us and it’s extremely worth it. 

We’re over the moon to hear that!

Content Snare has saved us a lot of money, capital and headache.

If you’re being held back by content collection struggles on a daily basis, why not join Pep and start saving money and headache by grabbing a free trial of Content Snare. 

The smart way to collect content and documents

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CapitalNow Cannabis


CapitalNow Cannabis offers alternative financing for the Canadian cannabis industry, with a focus on supply chain financing, factoring and equipment financing.


In an incredibly document-heavy industry, collecting content via email was becoming increasingly cumbersome and time consuming. The extra time spent onboarding was costing them an excessive amount of money.


A one-stop shop solution allowing for a fast and efficient onboarding process, saving them time and cash everyday.




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The smart way to collect content and documents

Ready to start saving time and turn content collection chaos into organized bliss?

Give Content Snare a try today with your free trial.

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