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How Excite Media turned their content collection headache into a stress-free experience

Excite Media implemented Content Snare and saw a 25% decrease in start to finish cycle time within their projects.

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Excite Media is a web design, graphic design and online marketing company based in Brisbane, Australia. Their team are experts at growing businesses with strategic websites and digital marketing, finding hidden opportunities and helping to grow revenue as quickly as possible.

We spoke with Scott Maynard, Co-founder and Technical Director, to find out why they switched to Content Snare and how it has since alleviated the burden felt by the Project Managers at Excite Media when it comes to content collection. 

Project managers under pressure 

“For a project manager who’s trying to manage several projects at once, collecting content not only takes time but it creates stress as well from just having all of those things hang over your head.” 

There’s no denying that, within any given project, regardless of its domain (web design, digital marketing, etc), collecting content promptly is essential to smooth completion. Therefore, when delays incur it physically hinders the process for a project manager and causes unnecessary worry. This was one of the main factors that pushed Scott towards searching for a solution and, ultimately, finding Content Snare.

“Our project managers, those managing website projects particularly, were emailing, calling and following up clients about information they needed instead of working on the projects and doing more strategic work.”

This is a common issue amongst agencies using email and Google Docs for collecting content. It requires regular and manual follow-ups, wasting valuable time that could have been put towards project advancements.

“We were looking for something to take the burden off of them for those types of administration tasks”

We believe that you should not have to dedicate such a substantial amount of time towards composing and sending follow-ups to clients as it can end up becoming quite a heavy weight. Content Snare will take the administrative side of things right off of your shoulders by automatically sending reminders to your clients, leaving you with more time for yourself. 

A smoother operation

“It just ticked all the boxes. It was a no-brainer really, we needed this.”

After trying Content Snare for the first time, the Excite Media team didn’t have any doubts going forward. The 14-day free trial in place allows you access to each and every feature on Content Snare, providing you with the time and resources to test it out on your clients and really reap the benefits from the rewards. 

“It’s the best of both worlds of a survey tool with that auto-reminder system that helps to gather that information and politely follow the client up.”

This is one of the most noticeable differences between Content Snare and the average form/survey tool. Having the reminder feature built in meant that Excite Media could begin to focus more on directly bringing their website projects to life, cutting down their turnaround time by a great deal.

“Our client meetings are more productive because we’re already onboarded with all of the standardised information that Content Snare has provided for us.”

Everything has a knock-on effect. If one element of a project hasn’t been prepared or is missing, this will have a negative impact on any subsequent elements by default. This is why having all of the preliminary content all in one place on Content Snare before meetings is the key to boosting productivity and ensuring a project runs as expected. 

“That time we have with the client can be a lot more meaningful.”

As both you and the client are busy, keeping meetings as worthwhile as possible will result in both parties leaving happy. 

“I would definitely give it a go and see what the response is from your clients.”

Scott and his team felt and continue to feel the effects of using Content Snare within their workflow and no longer experience those pesky delays and moments of stress brought on by struggles relating to content collection. 

Why not join them today and provide your clients with a smooth and structured way of providing their content that they’ll actually enjoy.

Excite Media


Excite Media pride themselves on creating innovative, irresistible websites and online marketing campaigns for Australia's best and brightest businesses.


Project Managers, whilst trying to manage multiple projects at once, had the additional task of having to follow up and email clients in order to retrieve missing and/or overdue content. This caused stress, delays and prolonged the overall cycle time of each project.


A more structured and timely way of collecting content, with the addition of regular and polite follow-ups.




Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
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