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7 best data collection tools in 2022

data collection tools
Last Updated October 4, 2022
 - by Marina Lovejoy-Black

Data collection is a vital part of any business. It’s defined as the process of gathering, measuring and analysing data for use in business decision-making, strategic planning, research and other purposes. With the right data, a business can really improve its performance and figure out its plan of action for the present and the future.  

That being said, data collection needs to be done accurately and efficiently in order for the results to actually become useful in a business context. Incorrect data will eventually lead to incorrect decisions being made, which is why it's important to choose the best data collection tools to do the job.

What is a data collection tool?

Data gathering tools come in a variety of forms, including data collection surveys, data collection apps or general data collection software. Either way, all of the above are used for collecting and storing data and information.

The data collection tool you’ll need for your business will depend on the particular features you require (e.g: the possibility of using the tool offline) and the type of data you’re going to be collecting (field data, customer satisfaction data, client information, etc).

What makes a good data collection tool?

Excellent question!

A great data collection tool will comprise most, if not all, of the following elements:

  • A unique selling point that makes it stand out from all of its competitors 
  • A reasonable price point, making it accessible to businesses of a variety of sizes
  • The ability to integrate with APIs, third-party apps and other external tools
  • A straightforward and intuitive UI 

No matter what tool you choose, it’s important that it’s a great fit for your use case and business. In order to help you out with the decision, we’ve collated a handy list of our 7 favourite tried-and-tested data collection tools of 2022.

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7 best data collection tools in 2022

In no particular order, here are our best data collection tools to use in 2022. 

  1. Magpi - Best for collecting field data
  2. GoSpotCheck - Best for collecting data in real time
  3. Fulcrum - Best for reports from teams
  4. SurveySparrow - Best for collecting both customer and employee experience
  5. Content Snare - Best for collecting client data/documents in the smoothest and most efficient way possible
  6. Teamscope - Best for clinical research
  7. Zonka Feedback - Most popular in customer experience management


Magpi is an app providing mobile forms for collecting field data. This data can then be arranged in real-time online dashboards and reports, or integrated with online systems. Magpi is commonly used by businesses looking to conduct equipment inspections, site inspections, progress reports and maintenance surveys.

Some of Magpi’s main benefits include:

  • No coding required 
  • Data entry can be done offline
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) feature
  • Logical branching to reduce human error 
  • Can be integrated with popular tools such as Zapier


GoSpotCheck is a market leader when it comes to field data collection. Using the app to collect data in real-time, people can provide and share data much quicker, enabling other team members to be able to start projects sooner without having to wait for the data to come in. Some of the most popular use cases include task management, operations, audits, field sales, marketing and training.

The most prominent benefits of GoSpotCheck are:

  • Access is role-based and restricts unauthorised users
  • Data from third-party systems can also be integrated for a more fluid process
  • Automatically populated charts and graphs for instant results
  • Field-first CRM


Fulcrum is a well-loved field inspection management platform with a focus on creating safer workplaces and compliance. The platform allows users to conduct inspections, manage issues and tasks, document and meet regulations, and get insights and reports from teams collecting data in the field.

Some of Fulcrum’s key features include:

  • Lack of learning curve when it comes to navigating the platform
  • Can be used offline 
  • Changes sync automatically
  • Reports can be exported in multiple formats 
  • Can be used to scan barcodes, collect signatures and capture location coordinates


SurveySparrow is an end-to-end omnichannel experience management platform that focuses on collecting insights relating to both customer and employee experience. The platform allows you to create different types of surveys such as NPS, Offline, Chat, Classic and 360°. 

SurveySparrow’s main selling points are:

  • Multiple languages available 
  • Click-free dashboard 
  • White-labelling 
  • Single Sign-On feature 

Content Snare 

For collecting client data in the smoothest and most efficient way possible, there’s no tool other than Content Snare for the job. 

Content Snare makes it simple to request information and files. With its simple and intuitive builder, you can create beautiful, user-friendly forms, surveys and questionnaires that’ll knock any client’s socks off.

With Content Snare, you can:

  • Collect form responses including both qualitative and quantitative data 
  • Gather large files like images, logos, videos, and photos 
  • Set up a request to send to clients, easily asking for what you need 
  • Send automatic emails to clients to remind them to complete the request
  • Organise requests according to client projects


Teamscope is a data collection app designed for conducting field and clinical research. It’s also, especially if you’re looking to collect sensitive data, as all data within the app is encrypted and secure. Within the medical field, Teamscope is used by some of the world’s most recognized names, including the NHS. 

Its key benefits are:

  • Case management feature 
  • Data visualisation options
  • Cross-platform compatible
  • Mobile survey feature

Zonka Feedback

Last but not least, Zonka Feedback is a popular customer experience management platform designed for small businesses and enterprises. Using this tool, businesses can collect feedback from customers and employees with the goal of improving their experience and accelerating their growth. 

Zonka Feedback comprises:

  • Real-time reporting
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Location management
  • APIs, webhooks and integrations

Concluding Thoughts 

Without the help of data collection tools, gathering all of the information you need to come up with sound business strategies just wouldn’t be possible.

A good data collection tool providing reliable data will help alleviate the burden and turn simple insights into money-making decisions. What business wouldn’t want that?

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