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Where to get your accounting news: The best online sources

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By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated April 19, 2024

In today’s fast-paced business world, you don’t become a successful accountant simply by passing the CPA exam. The best accountants and finance professionals are those who stay informed and up-to-date with the latest industry trends and changes in regulation.

And that’s exactly why you should follow credible accounting news.

But with so many sources of information available online, it’s hard to find websites you can trust and rely on. We did some heavy lifting on your behalf, analyzing hundreds of sites to put together a list of the most reputable and informative accounting news portals.

This post will show you where to go for your daily dose of industry updates and expert opinions.

Table of contents:

There are many accounting blogs and news websites Down Under, but we selected only a handful. Let’s dive in!

1. Accountants Daily

Accountants Daily is a leading website for tax and accounting professionals in Australia. The site publishes podcasts and insights from industry thought leaders, but up-to-date news stories remain its priority. This includes coverage of changes to tax accounting laws, updates on regulatory requirements, and analysis of emerging trends. 

Another strength of Accountants Daily is its engagement with the audience. The website encourages reader participation through comment sections and social media channels, and regularly runs surveys and polls to gather feedback from its users.

  • Main focus: Tax accounting, financial reporting
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

2. E-Tax Accountants

E-Tax Accountants is a prominent accounting agency that helps taxpayers complete their reports. The key benefit of this website is easy access to tax-related information and advice. It’s a reliable tax accounting resource for individuals and businesses. 

In addition, E-Tax Accountants offers a range of tools and resources to help visitors manage their finances more effectively. These include a tax calculator, financial planning tools, and data-rich news on taxation and accounting. 

  • Main focus: Taxpayer news and insights
  • Publishing frequency: Weekly

3. The Quinn Group

The Quinn Group is an accounting agency with more than 30 years of experience in the business. It provides a range of services, including business advisory, legal, and financial planning. At the same time, The Quinn Group publishes relevant information on accounting topics. 

The Quinn Group focuses on topics like tax legislation, financial reporting, audit and assurance, and business advisory. Although they don’t publish too frequently, their news articles are timely and to the point. 

  • Main focus: Business accounting and financial planning
  • Publishing frequency: Biweekly

4. Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review (AFR) is a leading source of business and financial news in the country. It provides comprehensive coverage of the latest news, analysis, and commentary on a broad scope of topics like accounting, finance, economics, and investment.

This website features a dedicated accounting section that covers topics such as tax, auditing, and financial reporting, with expert insights and opinions from leading industry figures. In addition to accounting news, the AFR also provides in-depth coverage of the financial markets, both local and international.

  • Main focus: Finance and business
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

The best accounting news in the USA

Now we’ll explore some of the best accounting news portals in the USA. Here are our favorite sources. 

1. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is one of the most popular accounting news websites in the USA. This website provides timely reports, analysis, and insights on all accounting-related topics, including audit, tax, and practice management.

It’s the go-to news portal for accountants and firm owners interested in breaking news and analysis of the latest changes in the industry. Accounting Today gives you daily updates on regulatory changes, tax reform updates, financial reporting standards, and many more topics.

  • Main focus: Accounting, tax, audit, practice management 
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

2. Journal of Accountancy 

The Journal of Accountancy is a leading news and information website for accounting professionals, financial advisors, and business owners. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) is the organization behind this news portal, and it provides extensive coverage of accounting news and developments.

One of the strengths of the Journal of Accountancy is its focus on high-quality content that is written by industry experts. That makes it a great resource for firm owners and accountants looking for expert advice.

  • Main focus: Management accounting, IRS, financial reporting
  • Publishing frequency: Multiple times a week

3. Going Concern

Going Concern is a well-known source of audit and tax accounting news. This site focuses on timely and accurate reporting of the latest developments in the industry. However, a truly unique feature of Going Concern is its humorous and irreverent take on the accounting industry. 

The website often pokes fun at the Big 4 firms and their corporate culture, making it an entertaining read for industry professionals. Despite its humorous approach, Going Concern maintains a high level of professionalism in its reporting and analysis.

  • Main focus: Big 4, CPA, career advice
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

4. CPA Practice Advisor

CPA Practice Advisor is a comprehensive website that caters to accountants and business owners. It offers countless resources to assist tax professionals, including news articles, product reviews, tax guides, and software analysis. 

The website’s news section covers topics such as tax accounting, new regulations, technology updates, and other critical issues affecting the profession. 

  • Main focus: Client accounting, technology, payroll
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

UK accounting business news

You’ve seen our US-focused accounting news sources, so now let’s focus on the UK. 

1. Accounting Web

Accounting Web is a leading online publication focused on accounting and tax news in the UK. It features news, analysis, opinion pieces, and technical guidance. In addition, Accounting Web analyzes tech innovations, including accounting and practice software. 

This website also features the “Any Answer” section where users can ask questions about financial reporting, taxes, pensions, and so on. That way, Accounting Web turns into an interactive news portal for both pro accountants and individuals interested in specific aspects of the industry.

  • Main focus: Tax, business, practice management 
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

2. Taxation

Taxation is a renowned website that provides news and analysis on tax-related issues in the UK. This is an essential resource for tax professionals because it features everything from news and opinion pieces to technical articles.

Taxation’s core strength is its coverage of convoluted tax-related issues that are often difficult to understand. A team of expert writers and contributors provide in-depth analysis of tax legislation and policy, which helps readers to navigate the complexities of the UK tax system.

  • Main focus: Tax and legislation
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

3. Accountancy Today

Accountancy Today is another UK-based website that provides up-to-date news and analysis on the accounting industry. This site resembles a genuine news agency because it publishes multiple posts every day. 

You can monitor the entire accounting industry in the UK simply by following Accountancy Today. You can expect articles on all kinds of topics, from audit and business to tax and legal. 

  • Main focus: Business and accounting
  • Publishing frequency: Multiple times a day

4. Accountex

Accountex is a comprehensive platform with resources and tools for accounting professionals in the UK. Unlike other accounting news websites, Accountex not only provides fresh news and opinions but also serves as a one-stop shop for accounting software, training courses, and networking events.

The website hosts annual business events, including Accountex London that takes place in May 2023. These events bring together accounting professionals from across the country to share knowledge and connect with one another.

  • Main focus: Tax, tech, practice news, business
  • Publishing frequency: Multiple times a week

International accounting industry news

Now it’s time to present a few websites featuring international accounting news. Here are our favorites:

1. Canadian Accountant

Canadian Accountant is the country’s main news source for the accounting profession. This website has a reputable editorial team, ensuring that every piece of content is well-researched and backed by credible sources. In addition, Canadian Accountant give expert tips and suggestions for running a business on all levels—provincial, national, and global. 

  • Main focus: Accounting and business
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

2. Accountancy Europe

If you’re interested in European accounting news, make sure to check out Accountancy Europe. We like this website because its content is clear and concise. Accountancy Europe relies on a typical journalistic style that answers 5W+H questions: Who does what, where, when, why, and how?

As such, it’s a trustworthy news source for accountants and business owners interested in forthcoming industry events, accounting awards, and conferences in Europe. 

  • Main focus: SMEs, audit & assurance
  • Publishing frequency: Weekly

3. International Accounting Bulletin

International Accounting Bulletin (IAB) is a network of more than 30 proprietary websites and nearly a thousand journalists and researchers. Although it often publishes UK-focused news, you can also see a lot of quality content about international news such as the USA or Singapore.  

IAB posts CPA news and accounting articles daily. However, you can also read numerous reports, expert analyses, and accounting conference introductions. 

  • Main focus: Accounting in general
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

4. China Briefing

China Briefing provides an insightful and fresh analysis of China’s business, legal, and economic landscapes. This is an excellent resource for professionals and businesses operating or planning to enter the Chinese market. 

China Briefing reports on a range of topics, including tax, compliance, accounting, HR, and legal updates that are relevant to both foreign and domestic investors. It’s worth noting that all articles are well-written, informative, and supported by reliable sources.

  • Main focus: China’s economy and regulations
  • Publishing frequency: Daily

Take your daily dose of accounting

We’ve covered a lot of ground to help you find new sources for your daily reading list. The websites we’ve discussed cover every aspect of the industry, from changes in regulations to tax accounting and industry trends that could affect your business or clients.

The key is to find sources that resonate with your specific market and clients. That way, you’ll be better equipped to make informed decisions which will help grow your business.


Drazen Vujovic

Dražen Vujović is a journalist and content writer. More importantly, he is a father of two and a long-distance runner.