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The best realtor websites: 7 resources to keep an eye on

best realtor websites
By Drazen Vujovic. Reviewed by: James Rose. Last Updated June 17, 2024

The 2023 real estate trends report shows that all generations of home buyers — from Baby Boomers to Millennials — will first start searching for properties online. This means real estate firms should do everything it takes to get their listings on some of the best realtor websites.

But which ones are getting the most traffic these days? Let us show you our top 7 picks.

1. Realtor: Best overall

Real estate websites

Realtor is our top pick because it offers an unmatched blend of comprehensive listings, practical tools, and learning resources for both buyers and sellers. As one of the most popular sites in the real estate business, Realtor provides a truly massive database of properties spanning across the US and beyond.

Despite so many featured properties, this site is easy to navigate thanks to advanced search filters. Home buyers and tenants can add countless parameters to customize their searches. For instance, they can stick to the basics such as the price range, but there’s also the option of including highly specific details such as community features or keywords.

The website offers a “Find Realtors” feature to help users search for and connect with licensed real estate professionals in their desired area. Users can refine their search based on criteria such as location, expertise, languages spoken, and more. 

Key benefits of Realtor:

  • A massive database of properties (US and international)
  • A real estate value calculator to get a realistic price of a property

2. Zillow: The runner-up

Real estate websites

With more than 130 million listings, Zillow provides users with the largest property database of all real estate websites. It features a unique suite of tools that can streamline your workflow while improving your market visibility. With innovative tools such as the Zestimate home value calculator and interactive maps, you can gain accurate insights into property values and neighborhood dynamics.

Another advantage for real estate industry professionals is Zillow's Premier Agent program. This program enables you to advertise your services alongside property listings, so you can grow exposure to potential buyers. 

Zillow also adds a whole list of comprehensive resources to the website to further educate visitors as well as agents. For instance, it will help you understand the ins and outs of a given market through the latest data-driven reports, presentations, and data visualizations.  

Key benefits of Zillow: 

  • The Premier Agent program with advanced data analytics
  • A special Zestimate home valuation system

3. Keller Williams Luxury: Best for luxury real estate

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With its focus on high-end properties and its global network of top-tier agents, Keller Williams Luxury is made for luxury homebuyers and sellers. According to the official website, Keller Williams Luxury sells thousands of exclusive properties across five continents.

This site features an interactive map that helps users find high-end listings in any location. If they can’t find the right property, Keller Williams Luxury invites searchers to get in touch with their agents. By affiliating with this site, agents gain access to an extensive network of fellow professionals — this often leads to referral opportunities across the luxury real estate market.

In addition, agents have access to the latest marketing techniques designed to showcase luxury homes in the best possible light. That includes everything from high-quality photography and videography services to targeted advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Keller Williams Luxury:

  • A strict focus on high-end real estate transactions
  • World-class marketing tools help you impress potential clients

4. Forbes Real Estate: The go-to site for real estate news

Real estate agent websites

Many real estate agents need to keep an eye on industry trends, so we added Forbes Real Estate to the list. Though it’s not a typical realtor website with property listings, it stands out as a premier destination for real estate professionals seeking reliable news and market analysis. 

Forbes Real Estate consistently delivers top-notch content curated by seasoned experts in the field. For example, it can help you keep track of market fluctuations or identify emerging opportunities before your less-informed competitors. This is particularly the case with luxury properties since Forbes Real Estate puts a special emphasis on this market segment.

Another bonus is that, unlike many other real estate news websites, Forbes Real Estate posts fresh content daily.

Benefits of Forbes Real Estate:

  • In-depth analytics and accurate real estate news
  • Daily content delivery

5. Zumper: Best for rental properties

Real estate agent website

If you’re working in the rental property niche, Zumper is the place to go. The purpose of this website is to make it easier for renters to find the right properties based on their unique demands. No matter what they’re searching for — a studio apartment in the heart of the city or a spacious family home in the suburbs — they will find it quickly via Zumper.

That’s because Zumper allows both tenants and landlords to swiftly navigate through a pretty extensive portfolio of rental options. For instance, it features up-to-date tenant reports and customizable filters to assist users with their searches. Zumper uses predefined rules to screen each listing, which maximizes the overall credibility of the platform.

It also provides real-time alerts for new listings that match users’ search criteria. As a real estate agent, you can take advantage of Zumper’s functionalities to design dynamic multimedia listings. In addition, customizable advertising solutions will help you reach the right audience to generate high-intent leads. 

Benefits of Zumper:

  • With 7 million site visitors per month, it’s one of the most popular rental property platforms
  • It offers advanced advertising solutions for better lead generation

6. RightMove: Most popular in the UK

Real estate agent website

RightMove is the best real estate website for clients based in the UK. It’s an all-encompassing platform where users can explore the latest listings — from cozy apartments to expansive countryside estates. As one of the best real estate websites, RightMove gives people many ways to filter properties. For instance, they can check the proximity to schools, analyze public transportation options, or analyze local amenities. 

This platform also helps users find the right real estate agent. Once again, they can use multiple parameters to search for the best real estate agent based on locations, property types, names, and so on.

The thing we love about RightMove is the “Inspire” section with property news, moving stories, housing trends, and real estate guides. This proves RightMove is ready to walk the extra mile to provide visitors with more than just property listings.

Key benefits of RightMove:

  • Tailored specifically to the UK audience (with some overseas property offers)
  • It’s also a comprehensive resource of real estate news and stories 

7. Realestate.com.au: Best for realtors in Australia

Successful real estate website

RealEstate is an Australia-focused real estate website with nearly 250 thousand buy/rent listings. According to Similarweb, a popular Internet analytics platform, RealEstate attracts the highest number of visitors of all the Aussie websites in this niche.

The first success factor is obvious — it displays thousands of properties in a user-friendly fashion. The website is clear and easy to navigate, but you can speed things up even further by using the search box. That way, you can quickly discover properties based on factors like cities, postcodes, or suburbs. 

Advanced filters are the second benefit for real estate agents and their clients. You can filter featured listings based on several parameters — property types, land size, indoor and outdoor elements, prices, and so on. 

The best thing is that all the essential information about a property is available at a glance. That includes data like prices, square sizes, the number of rooms (by type), and high-quality images. 

Key benefits of Realestate.com.au:

  • It covers the Australian real estate market
  • It enables simple but in-depth property searches

Bonus tip: Use Content Snare to successfully onboard clients

best real estate website for onboarding clients

Content Snare isn’t a real estate website, but it’s a great addition to your toolbox if you’re struggling with the client onboarding workflow.

As one of the best tools in the online form-building business, our platform offers customizable real estate questionnaires for both buyers and sellers. This means you can quickly get the information you need without wasting hours of your precious time on phone calls and back-and-forth emails.

Our real estate form templates give you a ready-made list of questions for obtaining relevant information and files from your clients.

real estate onboarding questionnaire

Real estate questionnaire template by Content Snare (screenshot)

The best part is that you can tailor questionnaires to make them suitable for your clients, branding guidelines, and preferred style of communication. You can check out other Content Snare features, but taking a free trial is even better. This gives you 14 days to test Content Snare and see what makes it such a powerful data and file collection tool.

Are you ready to take your client onboarding process to the next level?

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