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13 accounting blogs to follow in 2023

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By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated September 18, 2023

Want to stay ahead of the curve in the accounting industry? We've scoured the Internet for the best accounting blogs that will give you expert opinions, insider knowledge, and the freshest industry news.

Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, these blogs are the perfect way to spice up your daily dose of accounting (and let's face it, who doesn't need that?!). Here’s our selection of the top 13 accounting blogs to follow in 2023.

PS: Read to the end for a bonus suggestion!

Table of Contents:

  1. Journal of Accountancy
  2. Ignition
  3. Workflow Queen
  4. Future Firm
  5. WeArePF
  6. Going Concern
  7. Accounting Fun
  8. Accounting Today
  9. Book Mark Lee
  10. Heather Smith Small Business Blog
  11. Jason_CPA
  12. TOA Global
  13. Blake Oliver

1. Journal of Accountancy

The Journal of Accountancy is a well-respected publication in the accounting industry. It covers a range of topics relevant to accountants and financial professionals, including:

  • Accounting and auditing standards
  • Financial reporting regulations and guidelines
  • Tax regulations and news about individual, business, and international taxation
  • Accounting technology
  • Practice management, including client retention, marketing, and staff management
  • Personal development

The Journal of Accountancy focuses on the most important trends in the accounting industry. It’s also a reliable source of information for individuals preparing for accounting certification exams or hoping to advance their careers in the accounting profession.

Best for: All accounting industry professionals

Post frequency: Daily

Popularity: Nearly 250 thousand followers

2. Ignition

Ignition is a client engagement platform, but it also runs a high-authority blog that focuses on accounting tips, news, and technologies. Ignition is known for blog posts with actionable insights and practical accounting software tips. The content they publish can help you solve common business challenges in these fields:

  • Accounting and financial reporting
  • Tax regulations and compliance strategies for businesses
  • Tech innovations and trends like automation, cybersecurity, and data analytics
  • Leadership development, talent management, and organizational culture

Reading the Ignition blog helps you gain insights into the best accounting and financial management practices. Besides that, you’ll learn about emerging technologies and their impact on bookkeeping and accounting practices.

Best for: Accounting firms and small business owners

Post frequency: Monthly

Popularity: 15 thousand followers 

3. Workflow Queen

Workflow Queen is one of the best accounting blogs, with an awesome community and education program. Alyssa Lang, the person behind the blog, is an experienced accountant who focuses on workflow automation. As a result, her writing covers subjects such as:

  • Education and courses for accounting and finance professionals
  • Tech tools and project management platforms like Asana
  • Emails and forms
  • Time management

Workflow Queen gives you interesting insights on how to manage your tasks, time, and team more efficiently. The blog is particularly useful if you want to leverage technology to manage your workload. Alyssa's goal is to help fellow bookkeepers and accountants become more productive.

Best for: Accounting professionals and small business owners who want to streamline processes

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: 5 thousand followers 

4. Future Firm

Future Firm is a great place to go if you want to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the latest accounting news and trends. It’s also an excellent resource for agile business owners interested in improving their services. 

In addition, Future Firm have a unique podcast, featuring short episodes (up to 5 minutes) packed with actionable tips. The blog covers these topics:

  • Business strategy, marketing, and client relationships 
  • Practice management, including workflow optimization, and project management
  • Accounting industry trends—changes to regulations and standards, evolving client needs, and industry disruptors
  • Startups and business-building

The blog's focus on the future of the accounting profession makes it an excellent resource for accounting professionals who want to adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape. At the same time, Future Firm’s posts help entrepreneurs eager to try their luck in the accounting world. 

Best for: Industry leaders and professionals interested in accounting technology 

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: 10 thousand followers

5. WeArePF

If you’re looking for a marketing-focused accounting blog, WeArePF is the place to go. This blog provides a wealth of insights to help accounting firms market themselves effectively and grow their business. The main topics include:

  • Branding tips on how to create a strong brand identity, develop a brand strategy, and differentiate your firm from competitors
  • Marketing strategy and how to measure the success of marketing efforts
  • Trends in digital marketing, including SEO, social media marketing, and email marketing
  • Thought leadership and how to establish yourself as a key leader in the business
  • Building relationships and identifying the right networking opportunities

The WeArePF blog provides actionable insights and marketing guidance. It can help accountants differentiate themselves in a crowded market, attract new clients, and grow their business through effective marketing strategies.

Best for: Small business owners and accounting professionals who want to market their companies

Post frequency: Biweekly

Popularity: 4 thousand followers

6. Going Concern

Going Concern is a popular blog that covers key accounting news and trends. It aims to provide a platform for open discussion and commentary on the profession, with a mix of serious analysis and humorous commentary. Here’s what you get from Going Concern:

  • News and trends in the accounting profession, including mergers and acquisitions, new regulations, and changes to accounting standards
  • Career coaching, plus tips on how to advance in the profession and prepare for the CPA exam
  • Technology trends and how they impact the accounting profession
  • Accounting education, which is particularly useful for students and beginner-level accounting and tax professionals 

Going Concern is an all-encompassing blog that focuses on every aspect of the industry. You can learn a lot from it, from new tools and professional development tips to CPA exam instructions.

Best for: Professional accountants and accounting students

Post frequency: Daily

Popularity: 20 thousand followers

7. Accounting Fun

Who says accounting has to be serious all the time? If you want to relax from a hard day’s work, visit Accounting Fun—a lighthearted blog that features humorous content related to accounting and finance. The main topics include:

  • Accounting jokes, puns, and memes
  • Funny accounting acronyms
  • Work-related humor, including jokes about clients, bosses, coworkers, and office life

Accounting Fun can be an entertaining way to take a break from the often serious and demanding nature of the profession. The blog provides a unique and amusing perspective on accounting to relieve stress and promote a more positive attitude towards work. 

Best for: Industry professionals in need of a laugh

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: No social media accounts

8. Accounting Today

Accounting Today is a leading source of news and analysis for accounting and finance professionals in the US. It features opinion pieces from renowned industry experts, so you can always count on fresh perspectives and useful insights. The blog covers a variety of topics:

  • Accounting and auditing standards, both in the US and internationally
  • Tax-related topics, including IRS news, tax preparation tips, and international regulations
  • Practice management with a strong focus on recruiting and retention
  • Technology, accounting software updates, and data security
  • Education, career planning, and lifelong learning

Whatever you want to know or find out, Accounting Today will have it covered. It provides expert analysis and insights on accounting and financial topics. Additionally, its focus on practice management and technology can help small business owners run their firms more efficiently.

Best for: Professionals who want to learn about international trends in accounting

Post frequency: Daily

Popularity: More than a million followers

9. Book Mark Lee

Book Mark Lee is a valuable resource for accountants eager to grow their practices and develop their skills. The person behind this blog is Mark Lee, an accountancy-focused futurist, speaker, and influencer. Book Mark Lee can teach you a lot about:

  • Practice strategy
  • Client relationships
  • Digital marketing and strategic lead generation
  • Business development and networking
  • Using social media to market your business

The blog's focus on practice development and business strategy helps accountants streamline their businesses. At the same time, Book Mark Lee has tons of career development content that provides guidance for building a successful career in the accounting industry.

Best for: Accountants and bookkeepers searching for expert advice

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: More than 15 thousand followers

10. Heather Smith Small Business Blog

Heather Smith runs a blog that gives practical suggestions on how to deploy the latest accounting technologies. This blog uses simple language to explain new business concepts and tech platforms. Heather writes about the following topics:

  • Technology guidance and improving productivity in an accounting practice
  • Software reviews, updates, and tips 
  • Information about various business tools, including productivity platforms and project management tools

Heather Smith’s small business blog is an invaluable resource for firms eager to improve internal processes and become more productive.

Best for: Professionals interested in accounting software and automation tools

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: Almost 20 thousand followers

11. Jason_CPA

Jason_CPA is not a blog, but it’s a great YouTube channel for accounting firms. It primarily focuses on accounting, taxation, and technology. Some of the main topics you’ll see on this channel include:

  • New technology for accountants, quarterly reports, and app reviews
  • Continuing education, CPE exam help, and overviews of accounting tools
  • Business growth, planning, client relationships, and relevant case studies
  • Intake workflow for accounting firms

Jason_CPA gives insights on how to better manage accounts and provide more value to your clients. The best thing is that it all comes with a dose of humor, so you are guaranteed to smile while learning new stuff about accounting.  

Best for: Accounting pros who prefer video content to blogs

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: Almost 4 thousand followers

12. TOA Global

TOA Global provides outsourcing services to accounting firms and businesses. Its blog focuses on accounting and bookkeeping from the perspective of an outsourcing company. Here are the main topics you’ll find on TOA Global:  

  • Recruitment and outsourcing, with practical guidance on offshoring practices and how to manage remote teams
  • Accounting and bookkeeping trends and best practices
  • Technology and software helping accountants work smarter 
  • Business management and leadership

The TOA Global blog is the place to go if you need advice on talent management, remote work, and employee retention. 

Best for: Accounting firms and HR managers in this industry

Post frequency: Biweekly

Popularity: 40 thousand followers

13. Blake Oliver

Blake Oliver is a CPA who writes about accounting and technology. He helps accounting firms and small businesses optimize their workflows and adopt new technologies by writing about the following topics: 

  • Accounting technology, including cloud accounting software, automation tools, and fintech
  • Relevant industry events 
  • Leadership and productivity 
  • Practice management, marketing, business development, and client relationships

The Blake Oliver blog covers pretty much every topic that can benefit accountants and bookkeepers. You’ll find it all there—from career guidance and industry news to accounting technology tips.  

Best for: Agile accounting firms and industry leaders

Post frequency: Weekly

Popularity: 7.5 thousand followers

Bonus tip: Content Snare

Let’s face it—this list wouldn’t be complete without Content Snare. Although we don't just cover accounting topics, our blog provides readers with actionable tips on how to automate business processes and make their jobs easier. Here are some of the key areas we discuss:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping 
  • Client onboarding and relationship building
  • Tools and technologies that automate workflows
  • Business strategy and marketing

Content Snare covers it all, from accounting jokes and productivity apps to financial planning questionnaires. Our blog is a valuable resource for accounting pros who want to understand the latest industry trends and tools.

Best for: Small businesses and accounting professionals interested in workflow optimization

Post frequency: Twice a week

Popularity: 5 thousand followers

Follow the best accounting blogs—and stay up to date on the latest industry trends

Accounting practices are evolving, and it's crucial to keep an eye on the industry’s best practices. The best accounting blogs we've listed in this post are a great resource for anyone looking to expand their knowledge or even read job-related jokes.

Whether you're a seasoned accounting professional, a small business owner, or just starting out in the industry, you’ll find loads of useful content in these blogs. Not only will they improve your accounting and financial management practices but also help you keep up with emerging technologies in 2023 and beyond.


Drazen Vujovic

Dražen Vujović is a journalist and content writer. More importantly, he is a father of two and a long-distance runner.