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Best bookkeeping blogs in 2023

bookkeeping blogs
By Drazen Vujovic. Last Updated February 2, 2024

Let’s be honest — bookkeeping isn't exactly the most thrilling topic in the world. It's not the kind of thing you bring up at parties to impress your friends and spark a lively conversation.

But if you're a small business owner or an entrepreneur, keeping your finances in order is crucial to your success. That's where bookkeeping blogs come in to introduce you to the industry’s trends and best practices.

Our job is to narrow down the options for you.

But before we go into specifics, let’s answer a simple question.

Why would you read a bookkeeping blog?

If you’re not sure whether these blogs are worth reading, just think about the benefits.

Firstly, blogs help beginner-level bookkeepers and small business owners learn about the basics of bookkeeping. It’s a simple way to understand how to record transactions, prepare financial statements, set up payroll services, and manage accounts.

It’s also a credible source of information for experienced bookkeeping professionals who want to stay up-to-date. Many bloggers write about the latest regulations, trends, and new tools, so you can be compliant and optimize your workflows.

Thirdly, it’s a free solution to improve your bookkeeping practices. And finally, many bookkeeping blogs have a community of readers who share their experiences in the comments section. You can engage with the community and connect with other bookkeepers to expand your professional network.

Top bookkeeping blogs to follow in 2023

It’s clear that bookkeeping blogs can teach you a lot about all things bookkeeping, but which ones are the best? Let’s have a look at our favorite options.

1. Beginner Bookkeeping

Number one on our list is Beginner Bookkeeping. It’s not the most comprehensive blog in the niche, but it’s great for newbies and small businesses with little bookkeeping experience. Sarah Booysen, the person behind this website, has been in the administration business for over two decades. 

Sarah’s articles show that she fully understands the problems of small business owners who don’t have a clue where to start with bookkeeping. Beginner Bookkeeping is full of helpful tips, but there are also many free templates and tool recommendations. For instance, you’ll find dozens of Excel templates and printable forms. 

The only thing we don’t like about Beginner Bookkeeping is the layout. You can see that this website is a solo project because it’s a bit messy visually and displays too many ads. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Sarah publishes quality posts every week. 

2. Bookkeeping Essentials

Bookkeeping Essentials provides guidance on the fundamental concepts of the profession. Laura Kenway, a certified professional bookkeeper from Canada, runs this website.

Her goal is to support small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and pretty much anyone who wants to figure out bookkeeping. We particularly like Laura’s simple style because everyone can understand it with ease.

Bookkeeping Essentials introduces readers to the basic principles of bookkeeping and accounting, but they can also learn about more advanced topics like financial analysis. If you work in the US or Canada, you’ll also appreciate articles about how to manage taxes in these two countries. 

3. Bookkeeping Express

The Bookkeeping Express blog is one of the best resources for both business owners and accounting professionals. You can see that there’s an entire team behind this bookkeeping blog because it’s well-organized and easy to navigate.

Each post follows a straightforward structure that makes it accessible to readers with varying levels of financial expertise. Bookkeeping Express publishes a new post every week, focusing on these topics:

  • Tax planning and preparation
  • Financial reporting
  • Accounts payable
  • Cash flow management
  • Payroll processing

Another thing we like is that Bookkeeping Express features guest posts from industry experts, so you can see a different perspective on the same topics. All things considered, Bookkeeping Express is the go-to site for bookkeepers and small businesses.

4. Workflow Queen

Workflow Queen is dedicated to helping business owners and bookkeepers streamline their workflow and increase productivity through the use of technology. Alyssa Lang, a certified Asana professional, runs this bookkeeping blog.

According to Alyssa, the goal is to “teach bookkeepers and accountants how to utilize tech and automation to create better workflows, systems, and processes”. That means covering everything from cloud-based accounting software to automated invoicing and payment processing. 

Thanks to Workflow Queen, you can streamline financial management in order to save both your time and your money. Alyssa earns a bonus point for the Magnetic Bookkeeping & Consulting Tech Stack, aka a list of the current tech she uses in her daily work. 

5. Ontrack Bookkeeping

Number five goes to Ontrack Bookkeeping, a blog with a highly practical focus. Rather than providing abstract or theoretical concepts, it posts articles that focus on real-world situations and practical solutions. For example, you can see step-by-step instructions on how to set up a chart of accounts or provide a checklist for preparing for tax season.

This is possible thanks to Ontrack Bookkeeping’s team of experienced bookkeepers and accountants. In addition to its articles, this website offers a range of resources for small business owners, including free e-books, webinars, and templates. 

6. Content Snare

Content Snare doesn’t specialize in bookkeeping, but it’s a fine resource for accounting firms and small businesses interested in streamlining their workflows. Our blog gives you practical tips on various topics, including accounting jokes and how much to charge for bookkeeping.

But there’s much more to read on Content Snare’s blog. 

We publish new posts multiple times a week to help you improve client relationships, onboarding, the tools you use, marketing, and business processes. We also share a range of bookkeeping and accounting templates to help you work more efficiently.  

But the main purpose of Content Snare is to assist bookkeepers and accountants in collecting files and information from clients. After all, who likes chasing clients and tracking files and information sent via email?

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