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How to create a perfect digital strategy questionnaire (free template included)

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By Drazen Vujovic. Reviewed by: James Rose. Last Updated June 17, 2024

Too many businesses struggle with online marketing because they don’t have enough resources or knowledge to develop a cohesive digital strategy. However, they understand the power of online presence and often seek help from agencies hoping for a successful transformation.

That’s where you step in to build a well-planned digital strategy for your clients. The first task in this process is to gather information to understand what they really want and how to achieve their goals in the quickest way possible.

You’ve probably tried collecting info using tools like email one too many times, but if you want to get much more efficient, it’s time to try something better. It’s time to build a digital strategy questionnaire.

We have a lot of experience building online forms and dealing with unresponsive clients (that’s why we built Content Snare in the first place), so we’ll show you how to craft a great template based on our list of questions.

Let’s take a look!

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30 questions to include in your digital strategy intake form

use a questionnaire for a successful digital transformation

A digital strategy questionnaire is a standardized form that helps you quickly collect information about your client’s online presence. It contains a well-planned set of questions that you can use to assess a company’s current digital presence, resources, and goals. 

Here are some questions to add to your questionnaire.

Basic information

1. Company name

2. Industry

3. Year of establishment

4. Company size (number of employees)

5. Geographic location(s)

6. Key products or services

7. Who is your typical customer or client?

8. Who is your primary contact for digital strategy?

The existing digital activities

9. Do you have a documented digital strategy already? If yes, please explain its key points.

10. Do you have a team in charge of the company’s digital strategy? If yes, please specify their roles.

11. What channels of online presence are you using? (e.g. website, social media, etc). 

12. What are the main strengths of your current online presence?

13. What are the main weaknesses of your current online presence?

14. Who are your main competitors?

15. What differentiates your brand from your competitors’ brands?

16. Are there any areas of online presence where competitors outperform you?

17. What tools do you use to implement your current digital strategy?

18. What is your digital strategy budget? Feel free to provide a range.

Content marketing questions

achieve digital progress with content marketing

19. What types of content do you currently produce? (e.g. blog posts, videos, infographics)

20. Are there specific content formats that resonate best with your audience?

21. Do you have a consistent content publishing schedule? If yes, please specify.

22. Who is responsible for creating and managing your digital content?

23. How would you describe your brand's tone of voice in your digital content?

24. How do you incorporate search engine optimization into your content creation process?

25. Do you pay attention to visual consistency across different platforms? If yes, please explain how.

26. Which metrics do you use to evaluate the performance of your content?

Digital strategy goals

27. What are the desired outcomes you aim to achieve through your digital strategy?

28. What key performance indicators will you prioritize? (e.g. lead generation, conversions, etc.)

29. Are there specific digital technologies that you would like to include in your strategy? If yes, please specify.

30. How would you describe long-term success in these digital transformation efforts?

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Practical tips for building a good questionnaire

tips for digital initiatives

A questionnaire will help you get all the information you need to craft a digital transformation strategy for your client, but you need to follow some basic rules. For one, come up with concise questions that your clients will understand. Bear in mind that clients aren’t necessarily marketing experts, so don’t confuse them with jargon or marketing lingo. Here are a few more tips:

  • Questions should be simple enough to generate clear answers
  • Phrase questions in a neutral way that won’t sway respondents to a certain answer
  • Remind respondents that they can have multiple options in some cases — don’t hide any options from them
  • Give instructions for questions that have to be slightly technical
  • Test your questionnaire yourself before sending it to check if it’s good to go

These rules can have a big impact on your questionnaire. If you follow them, it will be much easier for your client to provide accurate answers.

Tailor your questionnaire with Content Snare

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The purpose of Content Snare is to help you avoid the notorious data collection bottleneck. Our customizable digital strategy template is a great starting point, but we give you many other ways to gather content and information from clients more efficiently.

For example, the system lets you and your clients upload massive multimedia files that play a critical role in every brand’s marketing strategy. Content Snare acts as a client portal that can be accessed from any device, which makes it easier for your clients to fill out the form.

We also have a special system of approvals and rejections — this enables you to confirm responses or ask for revisions if needed. At the same time, your clients can post comments if they require additional instructions for any given question.

The best part about Content Snare is that you can just set it and forget it. All it takes is to choose a predefined reminder schedule and the system will keep notifying your clients about their progress and due dates. 

That way, you are highly likely to get the answers quickly and start your project on time.

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