From whom do the clients receive emails?

By default, your clients receive emails from our domain contentsnare-mail.com.

Though the address is from Content Snare, the actual message still shows up as coming from your own name. And if your client replies, their email will go to your address.

However, you can change this to send emails from your own domain

Can you change the phone number?

You can’t change the phone number that Content Snare sends SMS from. The system chooses from one of three numbers based on where the recipient is. We have one number for Australia, one for the UK, and the USA number for everywhere else.

My client isn’t receiving emails

Here are some things to check if your client isn’t receiving emails:

  • Did you select the Don’t send any emails to my client option on the Finalize step? If yes, you’ll need to manually send the request link to the client.
  • Does the reminder schedule you chose have the Request Published event notification? You can check this by clicking on the Reminders tab at the top and editing your reminder schedule. 
  • Did the email end up in spam? We continuously monitor email deliverability from Content Snare and do everything in our power to keep emails out of spam, but it can still happen if your client has extremely strict email rules.

Next steps:

Updated on March 24, 2024

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