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What if my client doesn’t know how to use Content Snare?

Content Snare has been designed to make it as easy as possible to submit information, so often there is little or no training required for clients.

However, if you’d like to help them, we highly recommend recording a short (2-3 minute) video explaining how to use the system. Content Snare accepts YouTube, Vimeo or Loom links.

Training video

If you don’t have the time to create your own video, there is one below that you can use – it contains no Content Snare branding.

It can be embedded in the Request Instructions area directly, or downloaded and hosted yourself from this link.

To re-record a similar video yourself, you can find the script below.

Online guide

There is also a help article that you can use here.

You are free to copy this onto your own website or document that you can send to your clients, or link directly to it.

Client welcome video script

Here is the script for the video above that you can use to create your own video.

This video will show you how to submit all of your content and information

We use this system to make things easier for you. 

The main benefit is that you have one place to go to submit everything to us. This keeps the process organised. It’s easy for you to see what you’ve already completed, and what we are still waiting on. 

Another benefit is that everything you enter or upload is saved automatically. That means if you get called away to do something else or accidentally close the window, everything will be there when you come back. 

Use this system to submit everything we’ve asked for. Please do not send information or files via email. This will slow down the process and can result in items being lost. 

The email you receive from us will look something like this. Just click the link and you’ll get access to your portal. If you need to create a password, it will ask. 

This first screen details the instructions for using the system. 

Click Let’s Get Started once you have finished reading. 

Now you are viewing the first page of the request. In the navigation on the left, you can see that the first page is open. 

There are a few other pages in this request, and we’ll get to those later. 

For now, you can simply follow the instructions in the main area. Click Continue.

We’re now in the first section of the page. As you can see, inside each section, there are a series of items. 

When you’re done reading the instructions for this section, hit Continue again. 

Each individual item has a name and a status – in this case it is marked as to do, and there are some instructions about what we need from you. 

Below that, you’ll see the area where you can type in information or upload files. 

This is an example of when you would type info in.

This is an example of one that requires you to upload a file. To do that you can drag and drop from your computer, or click the button to choose a file. 

Back at the other question…

Any special requirements are listed above the box, and they’ll go red if what you have added does not meet the requirements. You’ll have to modify your answer to make sure all of these are ticked before you can submit it. 

Note that as you type, everything is automatically saved. So don’t worry if you aren’t able to finish everything in one sitting. It will all be there when you come back via the link in each email.

When you’re finished with each item, click this button to submit it to us to check over. 

Note that the status has changed to Done. You can see the progress bar has increased, and the item is also marked as Done in the navigation. 

If you need to go back and make changes to an item, click the Revise button. 

Note however that if we have approved a field, you won’t be able to make changes. 

To move around inside the request, you can use the next button here. you can scroll like you would on any website, or you can click items in the navigation to jump directly to them. 

When you get to the bottom of a page, you get the opportunity to submit all your answers from this page. This is also where you can click through to view the next page, or you can click the next page on the left side. 

The last thing we need to cover is what happens if we need you to change something you have submitted. 

After we review your info, if we need a change, you’ll get an email like this. 

Click the link to come into the request. Any items that need changes will be highlighted in yellow. 

Go to that item and you’ll be able to see our comments. Make adjustments as necessary, and then click the submit button again.

If you have any trouble using the system, please contact us with your questions.

Updated on March 24, 2024

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