The easy, stress-free way to gather content and documents

Organized content and document collection without the back and forth

Stop getting lost in emails, messy hacked-together systems and confusing shared docs. Content Snare is like a checklist for your clients with automatic reminders.
No strings, catches or credit card required. 
Just a lot less stress.

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Whether you’re in consulting, HR, real estate (or something else) Content Snare makes collecting content and documents incredibly easy.

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1500+ companies across 63 countries use Content Snare to collect over 210,000 pieces of content & documents each and every month

Your Problem

We feel your pain

Forever chasing clients and colleagues for content and documents?

Having to decipher manuscript-length email chains, multi-coloured highlighted text and missing attachments drains your productivity and is no one’s idea of a good time.

One single piece of content or missing document can bring your entire project to a screeching halt. Sure, you do your best to keep things moving. But there are only so many “just checking in” emails you can send to get what you need.

When you’re caught in this chaos, 5-week deadlines turn into 5 months. Invoices go unpaid. And it’s next to impossible to focus on getting the actual job done.
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Client info
without ContentSnare

Client info
with ContentSnare

Our Solution

We’ve got your back

Free up your time: Stop chasing content and make it come to you

Content Snare transforms the way you gather content and documents. Turning a tangled mess into a smooth end-to-end process that frees up your time and boosts productivity.

Intuitive and dead simple to use, it’s your single source of truth. Plan, request and approve content and documents in one place quickly, simply and accurately. No matter how many directions and stakeholders it’s coming from.

Give your clients or team mistake-proof instructions and requirements, then enjoy liberating freedom from chasing content and documents.
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Transform the way you collect content and documents

Learn how Content Snare can help you in under 2 minutes
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How does Content Snare work?

Build: A hassle-free, zero-confusion content plan.
Share: An unmistakable content plan with clients/colleagues.
Remind: Clients of what’s still required without nagging emails.
Approve: Work as it comes in and quickly action changes.
Download: Get all your content in one place, ready to go.
Reuse: Save sections, pages or entire requests as templates.
Communicate: Answer questions and discuss requirements

01: Build

A hassle-free, zero-confusion content plan.

Request the info you need, clearly define responsibilities and lay out easy-to-follow instructions so everyone’s in sync. Even set limits on what’s required so you only get back what you need.

02: Share

An unmistakable content plan with clients/colleagues.

Share your content needs with a couple of clicks. Specify due dates and set a follow-up schedule to meet deadlines. With a clear checklist and instructions, clients know exactly what's needed with zero confusion.

03: Remind

Clients of what's still required without passive aggressive emails.

Deadline fast approaching with content still missing? Content Snare sends out pre-populated, automated reminders to do the polite nudging for you. That way, you don't have to be the 'bad guy' and risk damaging relationships.

04: Approve

Work as it comes in and quickly action changes.

Get notified when content is ready for approval. Everything just right? Confirm, check it off and download all content instantly. Got the wrong documents or need changes? Let everyone know with feedback, rejecting only the fields that need changes.

05: Download

Get all your content in one place, ready to go.

When everything is complete, download all of your clients answers and files in one neat package. Automatically push completed requests to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive & more

06: Reuse

Save sections, pages or entire requests as templates.

Find yourself asking clients the same questions? Create templates to save yourself even more time. Then, anyone on your team can create and send requests in a matter of seconds.

07: Communicate

Answer questions and discuss requirements.

If your clients have questions, they can ask right there next to the item. Provide clarification and discuss what you need without starting yet another email thread.

Streamline your process

With Content Snare, you can spend more time focused on what’s most important to you. You know, the stuff you actually want to be doing - and what pays the bills.

Because we both know that isn’t chasing content…

Become more productive

with a powerfully efficient workflow built on streamlined content and document collection, reminders and feedback.

Increase profitability

by finishing more projects, reducing costs, and avoiding going over
time and budget.

Grow your business

by freeing up your time to find new clients, generate more sales and focus on marketing.

Keep projects on track

and move at speed by breaking down bottlenecks caused by unclear responsibilities.

Make clients happy

with a more professional content creation or document collection experience that makes your team stand out

Get paid on time

by speeding up content creation, feedback and approvals.

Intuitive & innovative

Product features

Our features will save you ridiculous amounts of time PLUS make you look good

(and have you saying Hallelujah!)

Ready-Made Templates

Templates for almost every scenario that you can use over and over again to save time and create a consistent process.

Automated Reminders

Stop having to be the ‘bad guy’ always chasing clients when things are overdue. We take one for the team and send the emails for you.

Item-Level Rejection

Reject items within the wider document to let people know they’ve sent you the wrong info.


Avoid lost content and give clients the relief of not having to do everything in one go.

Custom Branding

Make your content collection process look more professional with custom branding by adding your own logo.

Simple Drag & Drop Interface

An intuitive visual interface and drag and drop controls that anyone can use.

What People Are Saying…

"We are saving time and money with Content Snare, but it’s more than that. It alleviates the heat, miscommunication and frustration of trying to get the information we need from clients."
Vander Guerrero,
"My client is now totally enthusiastic about giving me the content! It takes some preparation on my part to set up the initial structure, but the results are fantastic in terms of collecting that content!"
Imogen Allen,
Umbrella Digital
"We didn't have a central platform for exchanging files with our clients. Not everybody is savvy enough to use Dropbox, and some clients would flood our inbox with 20 emails in a day."
Lauren Lopez
Web of Arc
"The best part is the support. The other day I had an issue, and they jumped at the opportunity to help me. It didn't take long for the team to uncover the issue and get me back to work."
Chris Penny
Lawn Authorities
“We rolled it out to our clients and they found it really easy to use. They actually found it simpler than Google Docs & Google Sheets!”
Jenny Bowler
“With email people would reply to one thing and forget everything else that we needed. There was a lot of back and forth."
Nicole Meloni, Connected Accounting
"This is exactly what this industry has needed. Getting content in the right way makes the difference between success vs a whole load of heartache!"
Dave Foy,
Design Build Web
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Let's be real

You've got enough on your plate already

With a job to do, goals to hit and a business to run, chasing content and documents around in circles is the last thing you need.

Content Snare frees up your time, energy and headspace to focus on getting your job done, growing your business or, simply, just enjoying more spare time back in your day.
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No strings, catches or credit card required.
Just a lot less stress.