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Collect content and files from clients on time without email

Ditch endless email trails, massive attachments and messy Google docs. Gather content and files in one place with automated client reminders.

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Finish more projects and reduce costs

Content is one of the biggest barriers to completing projects on time. It doesn’t have to be.

Increase profitability

Messing around with email trails and attachments is a massive waste of time. Then there's the time spent editing poorly formatted content.

Slashing this overhead increases profitability.

Collette Taylor

“As a project manager, most of my time was spent chasing content.”

— Collette Taylor, Digital Zest


Keep projects moving

Without content and files, projects grind to a halt. This means payments get delayed, and you end up with a load of stalled projects.

Remove these bottlenecks to get paid on time.


“It's helped a 2+ year project which was waiting for content get its feet off the ground.”

— Tony Zwies, Yellow Design


Make clients happy

Requesting content via documents and email gets messy and is hard for clients to understand.

Using a central content platform provides a premium, professional experience, and makes it simple for your clients.

Meli Silverberg

“My clients love the experience and many have said they would have been lost in the process without it.”

— Meli Silverberg, Branding Rebel

By agencies, for agencies

Content Snare was created by an agency that was tired of content delays reducing profitability and causing project backlogs. From day one, the software has been developed in collaboration with other agencies.
Alan Herbert

“One of the best things about Content Snare is that the developers listen to their users and evolve the product to best suit their needs.”

— Alan Herbert, Nialto Services

GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

Content Snare has been featured on
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How it works

Designed to get quality content on time


Organise the content you need with the drag-and-drop editor. Request text, files or special fields.


Guide your clients through. Show what you need using text, images and wireframes. Set limits so you only get back what you need.


Choose a reminder schedule or create your own. Create as many emails as you like that can be populated automatically with project information.


If changes are required, let your client know without leaving the software. They'll be notified and required changes are highlighted.


Download all your content in one place, separated into folders for each page, ready for CMS upload.


Save sections, pages or entire requests as templates for future projects. This drastically reduces the setup time for each project.

What happens next

If you're unsure if Content Snare is right for you, give it a try to see for yourself. It could change your business.

Why it Works

Best practices

Content Snare is more than just software. It includes everything we've learned about collecting better content, as fast as possible. This is available in the software itself as well as in workshops, video series, templates and more.


GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

"This is an incredibly helpful video series. Every one of your suggestions are practical and actionable."

― Justin Seedman, JustinFit

Simple & Flexible

Content Snare helps you to create a process that works for you, while making it easy for clients to submit content and files.

GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

"My clients tell me it gets them really focused and keeps them on track. That makes my life so much easier."

― Imogen Allen, Umbrella Digital


Includes client education

The most successful agencies assist their clients by providing relevant guidance in their content requests.

Built-in templates provide your clients with education on how to produce quality content to reduce the number revisions.

GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

"I love that I can customize each request to the specific client. I can even phrase the questions in the client's native language which makes communication so much easier."

― Vernita Kruger, Red Swirl Digital

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Clear responsibility

Problems arise when clients don't understand who is responsible for which parts of their project.

With Content Snare, responsibility is clearly defined. Our Client Success Pack includes tips on how to manage client expectations long before you've asked for content.

GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

"Clients now understand that the responsibility is on them and have been much more active in providing their content."

― Jo Minney, Dev House

We asked people to describe Content Snare in 1 minute.


This is what they said:

GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

Content snare takes the taboo out of content.

“It creates a common ground for the client and the designer to manage content without any confusion about responsibility. It empowers your client to genuinely understand the requirements of the design and content model concept. It gives the client the responsibility with full clarity that their content generating role has a deadline and impact on the project.

― Paul Lacey, Dickiebirds Studio


First-class support

If you run into any problems during your Content Snare implementation or just want some advice, book a free consultation with our team.

We'll run through your process and see if anything can be improved. You'll also have access to content workshops, guides and a video series that you can use for team training.

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GoDaddy Pro + Content Snare

"The best part is the support. The other day I had an issue, and they jumped at the opportunity to help me. It didn't take long for the team to uncover the issue and get me back to work."

― Chris Penny, Lawn Authorities

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