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Get a daily summary email with Zapier

We currently do not have a feature that allows you to receive a daily summary of all questions completed by your clients.

However it is possible to create one using Zapier.


First, you’ll need a Zapier account.

Once you have signed up, create your first workflow by clicking the “Make a Zap” button. Then follow these steps

Step 1: Create a trigger

You’ll trigger this workflow with Content Snare’s “Field completed” trigger. Every time a client completes a field, we’ll add it to our daily summary. 

Go ahead and test the trigger to get some sample data. 

Step 2: Create a Digest by Zapier action

Create an action. Search for “Digest by Zapier”, and then select the “Append entry and schedule digest” event. 

Set it up like this:

  • Title: This is a unique name for the digest. You don’t want to use the same name as another digest in your Zapier account
  • Entry: This is the text that will become one item in your daily summary list. I like using a dash at the start to indicate a bullet point. Or separating items with three dashes on a new line like “—”
  • Frequency: How often you want to get the email

 Step 3: Create an email action

Use the “Email by Zapier” app with “Send Outbound Email”. 

Note: The email will come from Zapier. If you want it to come from yourself, use the Gmail App & Send Email action. 

And set it up as follows:

This is just like writing an email. Add who you’re sending it to, give it a subject and a body. 

Create the body by writing whatever you like, and then adding the “Current Digest” from the previous step. 

Step 4: Turn the Zap on

That’s it!

Now just turn the Zap on and you’ll begin receiving a daily summary email of documents received in Content Snare. 

The email might look like this:

You can use this same process to add a daily summary to your task management system, or any system supported by Zapier.

Updated on March 26, 2024

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