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Creating free time for web designers.


The Product

Content Snare is a software product built to drastically cut down the time and headache wasted on chasing up clients for website content.

The Content Snare blog helps web designers and developers with almost every part of their business including finding leads, converting clients, improving processes and automation.

It is a product of the software company Aktura Technology, co-founded by James Rose and Mark Beljaars.

About the founders

James Rose

James Rose


I started Aktura in 2010 with my business partner Mark. It was a single-product SEO software company. Three years later, we began networking with local businesses in search of a new challenge. We heard countless stories about website projects gone wrong. It only made sense to try our hand at web design, not screw it up, and make people happy. It couldn’t be that hard…. right?

Over the next few years, many websites were built, thousands of hours were spent networking and many nightmare-client-induced headaches were suffered.

With our passion rooted in software, we identified a few bottlenecks in the web design process. The worst of all, and the one that resonated with other designers the most, was chasing up clients for their web content.

In The Media

Aktura Technologoy

Content Snare is part of Aktura Technology, a web app and SaaS development company. Web designers work with us to expand their capabilities. If clients ever approach you to build something that you can’t quite handle in-house, drop us a line.

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