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Creating free time for web designers.

Content Snare has been featured on Smart Company, Digital Journal and Indie Hackers. It hit #2 on Product Hunt (behind Facebook Watch) and #1 on Betalist.

One of the founders, James Rose, has appeared on several industry podcasts including The WordPress Chick, WP Innovator, Clients From Hell and the Youngpreneur Podcast.

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The Product

Content Snare is a Brisbane born startup co-foundeed by James Rose and Mark Beljaars. On the back of 6 years in web & software development, Content Snare was built out of necessity.

The product idea grew from a classic "scratch your own itch" situation. James and Mark noticed a serious bottleneck in their client communications - before, during and after projects.

Stalled projects are one of the most frustrating and time consuming problems faced by web agencies. Content Snare aims to solve that.

About the founders

James Rose

James Rose


I started Aktura in 2010 with my business partner Mark. It was a single-product SEO software company. Three years later, we began networking with local businesses in search of a new challenge. We heard countless stories about website projects gone wrong. It only made sense to try our hand at web design, not screw it up, and make people happy. It couldn’t be that hard…. right?

Over the next few years, many websites were built, thousands of hours were spent networking and many nightmare-client-induced headaches were suffered.

With our passion rooted in software, we identified a few bottlenecks in the web design process. The worst of all, and the one that resonated with other designers the most, was chasing up clients for their web content.

10 Interview Questions You Can Ask Me

  1. What are the most important things someone can do to get content from their clients faster?
  2. What tools can someone use to make the process of getting content easier?
  3. What are the biggest mistakes you see digital agencies and freelancers making?
  4. What are some of the easiest ways to get web design clients?
  5. Do you have any favourite productivity tools?
  6. What kinds of things can be automated in a digital agency?
  7. How do you go about hiring people?
  8. Which books do you recommend business owners read?
  9. What's up with your buffalo wing obsession?
  10. Does it suck to love snowboarding so much and practically live in the tropics?

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