003 - Work Less Make More with James Schramko

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
003 - Work Less Make More with James Schramko

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In this interview, James Schramko talks about working less and making more, which also happens to be the title of his new book.

I've been following James for 7+ years and his advice has pushed me in the right direction on many occasions.

We discuss a bunch of topics like how to calculate how much you *really* earn, delegation, hiring a team, and being more effective in your business.

Web designers, freelancers and agencies are often some of the most overworked people on the planet. James' advice is especially helpful here.

01:00 How we met
03:00 Intro to James' book & what I liked the most
05:25 Calculating what you *really* earn
07:35 Eliminating things to increase your rate
09:20 64/4 rule
09:55 Why "take action" can be bad advice
12:20 Bad clients costing more than they pay you & how to identify them
14:50 Why tracking your time is important
15:40 Finding out what you should delegate
19:00 The hardest stuff to delegate
20:30 An extra benefit of trimming parts of your business
23:10 Contract vs full time
24:00 Ease the transition to a full time hire with this tip
25:20 Hiring professionals for high skill tasks
28:00 Outsourcing the smaller tasks
30:20 A hidden benefit of working with top level contractors
32:00 Why recurring revenue takes the risk out of business and reduces stress
36:00 How to build recurring revenue in a design business
37:00 Using resellers (white labelling)
38:00 An extra income boost with almost no work
40:50 How to find suppliers
43:20 Learning or progressing things more quickly
45:00 How to know if business coaching is worth it
49:35 Where to get James' book - Work Less, Make More

Find out more about James at Super Fast Business.