006 - Quitting an agency to double income in 6 months with Toni Taylor

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Agency Highway
006 - Quitting an agency to double income in 6 months with Toni Taylor

Just wow.

I jumped on a call with Toni because she told about some wins she’d had in her business. Little did I know how well she has done to be able to double the income that she received working for another agency, in such a short time.

This call blew me away and there’s a lot you can take away whether you’ve been doing this for a few days or a few years.

1:50 Why big agencies often aren’t as good as they look
2:50 How that can give you the confidence to go out on your own
3:55 Discussing confidence, starting your own agency
7:15 Why small agencies often have the advantage
8:00 Are you trying to be everything to everyone
10:00 Doing work that you like
11:30 GOLD -> Running a business how YOU want to run it. Setting up client boundaries.
14:50 Avoiding the feast or famine cycle that most designers face
16:00 GOLD -> Packaging your services into retainers. Toni’s mindset here is amazing. The best part of this video. She covers what services she packages, how it’s packaged, how she sells it and how much for
23:17 Educating your clients
24:28 What’s in Toni’s packages & price points
30:40 Toni has doubled her income
32:00 Picking a niche (by saying no to clients you’d rather not work with)
36:00 Summary
36:30 How Toni has learned so fast


For Toni's resources and a full transcript, check out the video interview and post here.

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