010 - Using systems to get from overworked to having time freedom with Grant ONeill

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010 - Using systems to get from overworked to having time freedom with Grant ONeill

When I first met Grant, he was about as busy as a human can possibly be. It was crazy. His agency GO Creative provided a large range of services, and Grant was doing most of it.

Fast forward a couple of years and he’s well on his way to eliminating himself from the operations side of the business. That’s an epic transformation. This episode focuses on how he did it.

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I've worked in a few different but related industries since 2000. I'm qualified in IT and Graphic Design, but gradually evolved from those roles into web design and development, and then marketing with Queensland Government.

After a decade in the private and public sectors, while simultaneously operating a small freelance business on the side, in 2010 I started GO Creative as a full time business here in Brisbane. We've now grown to a team of local web development, web management, and SEO specialists.

Many people say that you learn more from your failures than successes, and I definitely agree. I like to do things my own way, and figure out what works best for me. The price for that is mistakes, and I've made plenty. But I think that's what has led me to my successes, and our team's success as a business, because we're always trying to improve.

I see far too many business owners rest on their laurels and keep on doing the same things, expecting better results. It doesn't work that way. You have to experiment, and be agile, while still taking your business seriously and putting everything into it. The early years can be very difficult but if you can get through that, keep improving, and deliver good quality products, services, and support, you'll get through it and prosper.

That's my mentality in business and here at GO Creative we apply the same to our clients: helping them understand what works and doesn't work in their business (from a technology perspective), and offer solutions to help their business grow and improve. When you get results for your clients, there's nothing more satisfying, and you'll always have a steady flow of business if you're doing that often enough. It's as simple as that.