013 - The project manager business model and growing to 1M revenue with Amber Swenor

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013 - The project manager business model and growing to 1M revenue with Amber Swenor

I’ve seen a lot of people burn out because they try to take on too much stuff.

Like web designers that start doing social media AND SEO AND adwords AND this AND that

I’ve always thought it was really freaking hard to make that work… but Amber has proven me completely wrong, and grown her agency to 1 Million in revenue. We dive into how she did that.


5 steps to Building an Effective Brand email series: www.strategiesthatpay.com/5steps

Free training for entrepreneurs on the 5 Steps to Develop Brand Messaging to Attract High Value Customers: www.amberdella.com/masterclass

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About Amber

Amber is the founder of Strategic Partners Marketing, a marketing firm based in Madison, Wi

They do high level brand consulting, and a bunch of services like media strategy, digital, web design, social media, and PR.

They’ve earned two Addy Advertising Awards for Brand Messaging and a Branded Assets campaign. In less than three years the firm has grown to $1 million+ in annual revenue and to a team of seven staff and growing.

Amber also coaches entrepreneurs through developing their brand positioning, messaging and strategy.

She was a 2017 Brava Magazine Woman to Watch, In Business 40 Under 40 and is a 2018 Vital Voices VVGrow Fellow. When she’s not strategizing with clients, you’ll find her rocking with her band, Morningstar.