017 - An epic lead generation strategy with Jason Resnick

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
017 - An epic lead generation strategy with Jason Resnick

This is Part 2 of 2 of an interview with Jason Resnick of Rezzz.

The previous chat about specialisation is a prerequisite for this lead generation strategy to work. Once you know who you work with, why, and the language they use, Jason’s strategy is absolutely killer.

You’ll notice I lose my mind a bit in this episode as it runs wild with all the different ways this strategy can be applied, even outside of lead gen.

Things we talk about:

  • Having your ideal client checklist in front of you all the time
  • Places to get your first leads through the new system (one very unexpected)
  • Automating it (this is a bombshell)
  • Making “temperate calls” to your clients to stay front of mind, get awesome feedback and referrals

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About Jason

I help freelancers, especially web developers and designers, live the life of their own design through coaching and community so they can specialize their businesses and build recurring revenue. This is done through a framework to discover your ideal client, find out their value, how to market to them, and walk away with a plan to move forward and build recurring revenue.