021 - Consistent leads without outreach with Brennan Dunn

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
021 - Consistent leads without outreach with Brennan Dunn

Brennan Dunn has been working with clients for the last decade. He started out as a freelancer and grew his business to an agency of 11 employees and $2 million in revenue in just 3 years.

Now he also helps other freelancers master their business. Chances are you’ve heard of Double Your Freelancing. This is Brennan’s community.

In this episode, Brennan and I talk about some very cool ways to get new clients and referrals that I haven’t really heard anyone talk about before. One of them involves beer, so I’m totally down for that.

Topics covered include:

  • Using “launch parties” to get clients
  • Running local events and seminars
  • How to opt in almost anyone you talk to (much better than giving business cards out)
  • How this lead to Fortune 500 clients
  • Leveraging other events for leads
  • Creating nurturing campaigns so you are always top of mind
  • Creating email courses and newsletters

Resources mentioned in the episode

Sooo many resources this episode!

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About Brennan

Brennan Dunn is the founder of Double Your Freelancing and helps teach over 50,000 freelancers and agencies how to earn more money and work with better clients. He’s also the co-founder of RightMessage, a software company that helps bring on-site personalization to the masses.