023 - Creating an amazing client experience with Laura Elizabeth

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
023 - Creating an amazing client experience with Laura Elizabeth

Laura Elizabeth tries to make her client’s experience working with her as amazing as possible. At one point in the interview, she talks about how she goes as far as to make every email, worksheet and phone call “amazing.”

Keeping clients happy is important if you want to get referrals, and I think we all want those.

We discuss:

  • Getting a start on freelancing sites, and if they still work
  • Writing amazing emails without writing them from from scratch every time
  • A template for weekly check in emails that delight clients
  • How to prevent clients constantly asking questions and distracting you from your work
  • How to create standard operating procedures

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Laura Elizabeth is a designer with a hankering for cross stitch and rockets. She runs Design Academy which aims to help developers conquer their fear of design. She's also launched her first product called Client Portal—a client-friendly way to keep your projects organised.