030 - From side hustle to quitting your job with Kyle Van Deusen

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
030 - From side hustle to quitting your job with Kyle Van Deusen

If you’re building your business on the side right now, this episode is for you.

Kyle Van Deusen joins in again to talk about how he built up his web business, starting from a side hustle until quitting his job.

I also weigh in with how I went through the same process.

We discuss saving up a nest egg, calculating your minimum salary, clearing debt and more.


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About Kyle

I own and operate OGAL Web Design just outside of Fort Worth, Texas. I spent over 15 years in the print industry as a graphic designer, and in 2017 launched OGAL Web Design to step out on my own. I wanted to take the lessons I learned in marketing working with all kinds of businesses (from mom and pop to international franchises) and bring them to small businesses who are finding it harder and harder to compete with large corporations.

My company is focused on working with businesses to develop a marketing strategy that will attract their target audience- with a website as the hub of that operation.

I think the best way I could help your listeners is talking about my story of getting fed up with the 9 to 5 routine and all the work I did to set myself up to be able to go out on my own and succeed. There are many things people don't consider when they want to work for themselves full-time and I'd love to help them with my experience on how I was able to make that transition and be profitable from day one- making more money now than I ever did at a day job.