032 - Benefits of specialisation with Sara Dunn

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032 - Benefits of specialisation with Sara Dunn

Sara Dunn is a web designer who not only specialised into an industry vertical, but even a specific service that she loved. That resulted in more leads, easier delegation, better processes and higher revenue per hour through repeated work.

In other words… the things we all want.

We chat about how she got to this point, why you might consider specialisation and some things to consider if you go down this path.

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Sara Dunn is founder and project lead at 11Web, a marketing agency offering WordPress website design and SEO. In 2018, she started a specialized business that offers SEO specifically for the wedding industry at SaraDoesSEO.com. She post weekly videos documenting her journey to niche down, become a recognized expert in her field, and do better work in less time at sara-dunn.com.