037 - Raising your prices with Christine Thatcher and Corey Dodd

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
037 - Raising your prices with Christine Thatcher and Corey Dodd

Pricing is a difficult topic, and one of the most common questions that come up in our community. Christine Thatcher (Designing To Delight) and Corey Dodd (Elk Creative) join me on the first Agency Highway panel to discuss how you can raise your prices.

We dig into actual methods and tactics, as well as how to build the confidence to do it.

Topics include:

  • How to start out with value-based pricing
  • Building confidence to raise prices
  • Getting client buy in and being paid to solve their puzzle
  • What to do when a client questions pricing or wants a breakdown
  • What to do when a client asks for a lower price
  • Asking for a client’s budget
  • Using price anchoring to get the price you want
  • Using payment terms to make it easier for clients

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Corey Dodd is a designer with almost 20 years experience working with large companies such as Nova Radio, national advertising agencies and boutique design studios. His background in working as a creative in digital and tech companies has given him a broad skill set that covers design, strategy and coding. He's passionate about helping others in the design community, especially when it comes to topics around money, pricing and processes. He currently runs Elk Creative, a small design studio from Geelong Victoria, that focuses on delivering custom branding and digital solutions with SME's across Australia.

Christine Thatcher is the founder of Christine Marie Studio, a boutique design agency dedicated to helping visionary entrepreneurs and small business owners infuse their personalities into profitable virtual platforms. She combines 25+ years of corporate, agency and mid-sized business design experience to guide her clients through the design process. She is also the creator of Designing to Delight – providing community and courses dedicated to helping designers create confidently, charge more and totally delight their clients.