038 - Crafting WordPress maintenance plans with Brad Morrison

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038 - Crafting WordPress maintenance plans with Brad Morrison

Brad Morrison runs GoWP - a white label WordPress maintenance service. They’ve got this down to an art, so who better to come on to talk about crafting your maintenance plans

In part one of this interview, you’ll learn about what to include in your WordPress maintenance plan - and what you might consider value adding into a “care plan”.


We discuss:

  • Triaging tickets
  • Tools for WordPress maintenance
  • Training your staff
  • Client education on how support and tasks work
  • What to put in maintenance plans
    • E.g. updates, security, backups, reports
  • Other value adds that require no effort from you
  • What you can include in your plans to increase their value
    • Strategy calls - GA, conversions, business conversations
    • SEO
    • Content marketing
    • Social media
    • PPC
    • Performance

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Brad Morrison is the Founder and Chief Happiness Officer of GoWP, a white label WordPress support service. He runs the day-to-day operations of GoWP and lives and breathes the company mission: to create happiness by delivering exceptional WordPress support. Brad is an active member of the Atlanta WordPress community, serving as co-lead organizer of WordCamp Atlanta and coordinator of the North Fulton WordPress Meetup.