046 - Using website audits to land more clients with Clifford Almeida

Agency Highway
Agency Highway
046 - Using website audits to land more clients with Clifford Almeida

Cliff has had a lot of success using website audits to improve their sales process and land more clients. In this interview, we discuss how to best use audits, and what to include in different stages of the sales process.

Topics include:

  • What is a website audit? Why is it important?
  • What is included in a website audit?
  • 3 critical lessons we learned leveraging website audits in our agency
  • The leaky bucket theory and how it applies to websites
  • Benefits of leveraging website audits in your agency
  • Easiest ways to generate leads using website audits
  • How to leverage website audits to actually close more revenue this week!

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About Clifford

Born in India, I've grown up all around the world before I moved to the US in 1998.

I’m married w/ 2 beautiful daughters. I love to travel the world.

Growing Companies Is What I love To Do! I'm the CEO of a www.HIREAWIZ.com, a web agency that has a portfolio ranging from small businesses and nonprofits to Government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

I am also the founder of www.MyWebAudit.com, a SAAS that helps web professionals and digital marketers generate and close more deals using actionable website audits.

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