062 - Double your business in 90 days with Hahna Latonick

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Agency Highway
062 - Double your business in 90 days with Hahna Latonick

This is a replay of one of the most sought after episodes here at Agency Highway. For the original interview with Hahna Latonick click here.

This interview was freaking amazing. I came out with so many notes that I want to implement for Content Snare, even though the advice was directed towards agencies. 

We cover a bunch of lead generation strategies for agencies with the common theme of building yourself up as a trusted authority for whatever industry you specialise in. 

Hahna drops a ninja trick for outreach that I’ve never heard before, and I LOVE it. 

We discuss:

  • Podcasting for agencies
  • Specialisation and why it’s so important
  • Creating a trusted authority platform (like a TAP for leads? Sorry bad joke)
  • Making ads work
  • A ninja trick for outreach that doubles as content creation

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About Hahna

As seen on Fox Business News, Entrepreneur, and other national media outlets, Hahna Kane Latonick has founded Invent With Code to help freelance developers and digital agencies maximize their earning potential, showing them how to double their revenue in the next 90 days, so that they have more time, money, and freedom to live life on their own terms.

For the first 10 years of her engineering career, she worked throughout the defense industry developing software solutions for the Department of Defense and defense contracting companies. She then went on to lead three tech startups, serving as CTO of two of them. By building successful businesses, she knows what it takes to market and sell the right services to the right clients.