077 - Why agencies should have a personal brand with Tim Conley

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077 - Why agencies should have a personal brand with Tim Conley

Tim Conley has helped digital agencies with growth for 8 years. In this interview, he takes aim at a lot of the standard agency advice that you’ve heard 1000 times. Things like “niche down” and “personal brands aren’t saleable”.

There is a ton of actionable advice in here. It start with hiring & managing your team and ends up at marketing and standing out in a crowded marketplace. 

Some of the questions covered include:

  • Why is being niche not enough in today's market?
  • Should agencies build personal brands?
  • Why do agencies struggle to make sales?

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Tim Conley has been helping entrepreneurs turn their businesses into lifelong and sellable assets for two decades. He lives and teaches the belief that a business should support the owner's lifestyle instead of giving up lifestyle to support the business. Tim consults, coaches and invests in advertising, creative and digital agencies. He's a dad, husband, traveler, motorcyclist, and dog companion, not just an entrepreneur.