086 - Avoid these 4 profit killers for agencies with Nev Harris

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Agency Highway
086 - Avoid these 4 profit killers for agencies with Nev Harris

Ever find yourself struggling to pay expenses despite a good month of revenue? You’re not alone. This is a problem many agencies encounter at one point or another. Nev Harris joins the show to talk about money management, cashflow and how you can avoid 4 of the biggest profit killers for agencies. 

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About Nev

I’m a speaker and educator, passionate about translating stupid financial speak* into plain English so Freelancers and Agency Owners can understand it.

*I call it “accountantese” - an overly complex language that is most often spoken by financial planners and accountants.

I could, literally, talk all day. So here is the short version of “The Life of Nev”.

6 facts about me…

1. I'm an Agency Owner and I teach other Agency Owners and Freelancers how to understand their money so they can use it as a tool to make better decisions, have less stress, more freedom, and higher profits. In non-copy speak, I show businesses how to know their numbers (so they can make heaps more money without trying that hard).

2. I’m a speaker and I travel internationally to talk to agencies and freelancers about understanding money and using that knowledge as a tool to grow profits. I really, really like talking about and teaching people about money (which is great because I suck at almost everything else).

3. I figured out a few years ago that I HATE having a boss so I turned my talents to something that really lit a fire under my ass: Improving the financial literacy of Agency Owners and Freelancers.

4. I get really (REALLY) angry at how inaccessible and complicated the finance niche makes money out to be. It definitely doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, I could rant on that all day. And sometimes I do.

5. When I’m not spending my time talking about money, I spend my time working out, drinking smoothies and reading the Wall Street Journal. Yes, I’m incredibly wholesome but don’t let that turn you off working with me. I’m a wicked Cards Against Humanity player and always up for a “robust” discussion paired with a robust glass of red.

6. I firmly believe money talk doesn’t need to be scary. Or boring. Or something you do behind closed doors with an accountant who looks like your dad wearing his funeral suit. Life’s too short for that stuff. Know your numbers, create your freedom. Easy!